Friday, June 29, 2007

ChangeDetection(tm) - Monitor any web page for changes even those without RSS

Thanks to Seb Schmoller a e-learning legend of a commentator for pointing out this simple service for getting updates on web pages without RSS feeds.ChangeDetection(tm) - Monitor any web page for changes

Also going to add Seb influential and widely read fortnightly mailing in my links sidebar thanks Seb .


Anonymous said...

How is this working for you? Any concern that ChangeDetector is some kind of spyware or monitoring software? I've tried to find reviews of ChangeDetector and your blog entry is all I've found. Before trying on my website, would like to hear some feedback from users. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been using ChangeDetection on my blog for about 1 month. The email that is sent to folks who have signed up is crude at best ... and for some reason,CD seems to send emails when no change has been made. I've taken the sign-up button off my blog. Hopefully someone will come up with something that does the same thing in a more elegant way.