Thursday, July 26, 2007

Future Lab event Why Don’t You…? Supporting innovative approaches in education

30th 31st October Immrasat in London

If we are to move towards a more personalised education system, then we need to support a wide range of innovators in education. This event will explore the conditions, tools and strategies that support innovation, focusing on teacher practice and the design and development of digital learning resources that support new approaches to learning and teaching.

Through a mix of inspirational presentations and hands-on activities, it has been designed to more specifically address issues such as:

  • What tools are available to enable teachers to move towards more personalised approaches to teaching and learning?
  • How can we innovate to respond to the changing needs of learners in a digital society?
  • What examples of innovative practice are there in the UK?
  • How can we encourage teachers to apply more innovative and creative uses of digital learning resources in UK schools that are suitable to learners' needs?
  • How can we foster a culture of innovation in education?
  • At policy level, how can we facilitate and encourage these innovative practices in order to create a climate which actively fosters this shift?
I am running a session called

BLOG OFF: these Web 2.0 tools will never make it into the learner experience

This workshop involves a tour of some Web 2.0 tools that are used by learners, and issues such as barriers to teaching staff deploying these tools to support learning will be examined. The workshop will be themed between rapid delivery sessions and a chance for participants to create artefacts.

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but whats more scary are the other speakers:

Donald Clark
Shaa Wasmund
Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTLab
Andy Black, Becta
Trevor Baylis OBE
Eric Rosenbaum, MIT
Mark Pearce
Natalie Jeremijenko

really grown up stuff .