Monday, November 19, 2007

Facebook fifty

As a late arrival to Facebook party I have just realised I have hit the magic fifty of Facebook friends . As a billy no mates of the face to face world I have using facebook quite a lot .
What have I gained :-

  • better network
  • more regular contact with friends
  • Insight into my friends activities both in the area of their work but also in wider their activity
  • Interesting invites to invite via invitation function within Facebook (got to give Steve Moore of policy unplugged a huge heads up for his work in this area)
  • exposure to interesting applications

What it caused is blurring between personal ilfe online and working life online.

you might be intersted on this article on how to use facebook proffessionally.

By the way who was my fiftieth facebook friend amazinlgy the prolific blogger Ewan McIntosh


Lisa said...

If this arrives twice I apologise - so when are you going to join us on jaiku? Lisav

andy black said...

well there is a question is that the next thing for Andy to get into !!!

Anonymous said...

...interesting that you have more facebook friends innit :)

Ewan McIntosh said...

I'm proud and honoured to be the magic number this time around :-)