Thursday, April 03, 2008

Emerging technologies for learning volume 3 (2008)

No apologies for blogging this Becta publication my colleague David Ley has worked with colleagues to bring this together. If you interested in emerging tech you've got to read this go on you know you want to !!!

Emerging technologies for learning volume 3 (2008)
Becta is pleased to announce that ‘Emerging technologies for learning- volume 3’ has just been published. This follow-up edition complements the first two ‘Emerging technologies for learning’ publications from 2006 and 2007.

The 'Emerging technologies for learning' series aims to help readers consider how emerging technologies may impact on education and learners in the medium term. The publications are not intended to be a comprehensive review of educational technologies, but offer some highlights across the broad spectrum of developments and trends. It should open readers up to some of the possibilities that are developing and the potential for technology to transform our ways of working, learning and interacting over the next three to five years.

Copies can be downloaded from

This latest publication includes the following articles:
• Growing up with Google - what it means to education (Diane Oblinger, EDUCAUSE)
• Mobile, wireless, connected - information clouds and learning (Mark van’t Hooft, Kent State University)
• Location-based and context-aware education - prospects and perils (Adam Greenfield, NYU)
• Emerging trends in serious games and virtual words (Sara de Freitas, SGI)
• ‘If it quacks like a duck…’ - developments in search technologies (Emma Tonkin, UKOLN)
• Interactive displays and next generation interfaces (Michael Haller, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences)

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