Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100 facebook friends

Well Ewan Micintosh was my 50th facebook friend and interestingly he has a link to my 100th Carole Fetcher of intutitive media . Carole Ewan and Marc Prensky and Stphen Heppel and Keri Facer of MMU were on a panel at handheld Learning 2008 . I asked a question of them about the elephant in the room holding up progressing the education system via the Txttools sms system used very effectivelly at the conference . I will post there responese later . Whats really scary I looked up Carole earler on facebook today and nearly did a friends request but was halted by dodgy connectivity so Carole you got there first .

All in all top event handheld learning top event and meal out last night was great !!

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