Monday, January 19, 2009

New phone feature baffle users

Interesting report from mobile firm Mfromation featured on the BBC

Main points:

85% of users reporting they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting a
new phone up and working.
In the big sample of the 4,000 people questioned, 95% said they would try more new services if
phones were easier to set up.
Nice quote here "If an application does not work once or twice, they just will not use it or
try again," he said. even more scary some 61% of those questioned said they stopped using an application if they could not get it working straight away.

This mirrors my feeling on websites.

So come on mobile developers get real and get some proper user interfaces and users involved in design and testing. Whats cool for developers isnt always cool for user !!!

This could be a major barrier to Mlearning and one we must overcome !!

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delph said...

not a great surprise, itss why I still carry multiple devices that do each job well with a decent interface :-)