Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Open day at Islay School.

Islay open day one of my regular readers (Hi Ian). Ian on the Isle of Islay is having a an ICT Open Day on Friday 13th June 08.

This is being aimed at parents, and local businesses, but anyone interested in what they are doing is more than welcome.

Ian is doing great stuff with ICT with mobile and other devices but to be honest as always the pupis are stars.

Ian has more detail on his blog at http://islayian.blogspot.com/2008/05/ict-open-day.html

He is also using google web forms to register peoples interest.

I cant go I am in Scotland 11-12 June ;-( .

Good luck Ian would love to come and loving my rugby (see Islay beach Rugby) would have made a weekend of it. If you do it next year send the dates a bit earlier but good luck.

If you can make it go it wont be a waste of your time !!!!
Being a bit clever and using bloggers recently added ability to date stamp post into the future so they appear at top f the blog for longer . So hopefully more people notice Ians efforts. BTW his blog is in my blog roll.


islayian said...

Let me see
Your in Scotland on the 11th and 12th of June but you can't come to Islay on the 13th? Its only a 30 min flight (wind direction dependant.
Thanks for the mention

andy black said...

sadly running cycle proficiency training at my sons school