Saturday, June 21, 2008

APT STAIRS a alternative" Stairway to heaven"

Was lucky enough to attend launch event of APT STAIRS Project (Appropriate Practical Technologies for Students,Teachers, Administrators and Researchers )

Interesting Jisc funded project invovlng looking a cloud computng in this case Google docs and other parts of Google Apps

it involves demonstrator projects in the 6 colleges in the bloomsbury group of UCL

key point to the projects are
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • coordination
The project invovlves members of the college communties using technologies for collaboration for academic work.

Lots of small projects using google docs across 6 institutions
vet school around placements in first year.
London international development centre using google doc to manage membership
School of Pharmacy drug classification project using Google Docs
Birkbeck science collation data

A member Google staff gave an interesting presentation on what exactly is Google Apps . Remember other products are available including a powerful offer from Microsoft.

introduced idea of taking away some in house services and replace it via the "cloud".

Major advantages of cloud computing
  • scalability
  • collaboration that just wasnt possible before
  • cloud continual timeline of innovation in stepped changes

the apps allow mere mortals to produce tools and collaboration platforms .

education the role of apis to integrate with exisitng institutinal services is common.

the google strap mantra
  • communication
  • collaborate
  • simplify
  • innovate

watch the youtube video introducing google Apps

Great project interested to see what evolves. follow the project at

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