Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Learning from digital natives: bridging formal and Informal learning .

Interesting report commissioned by the HEA by
Kathryn Trinder
Jane Guiller
Anoush Margaryan
Allison Littlejohn (Glasgow Caledonian University)
David Nicol (Strathclyde University)

Formal and informal learning have been viewed as competing paradigms,
however, students are increasingly adopting the tools and strategies for informal
learning within formalised educational settings.
This project explored the affordances of the informal practices of students in
higher education by examining ways in which they used e-tools such as personal
digital devices, communication tools, and social networking.
Barriers and enablers as examples of such e-tool integration within international
research and practice were identified, and recommendations made on
pedagogical, socio-cultural, organisational and technological aspects of the use of
informal tools to support formal learning within higher education.

Basically well worth a read if your interested in trends in education and social media .

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