Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rememberance Sunday

Well those great people at radiowaves are doing some more  interesting stuff around remembrance Sunday worth following. as is the bbc rememberance website link here

Personally I had an interesting day today a local service at 9.30 then off to Duxford Imperial war museum
for another service and a great visit .One young 9 year old was very taken by the day in reflective way including a long conversation with an actor playing the role of a first world war padre.  The IWM at Duxford is free on remeberance Sunday and as one of the homes for part of USA  8th air force in WWII and now home to American Air Museum click on photo for link View of American Air Museum

really thought provoking day out images below is called the counting the cost wall this shot shows part of it. Each Icon represent a lost air and it goes on for a 100 metres

even more shocking was  this the first photo shows one of wall panels the second shot shows names of lost crew in details and the third plaque explains it all. A day of relection.


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