Monday, November 10, 2008

TALC anyone

Teaching aids at low cost had a fund raising slot on radio 4 this morning . Teaching Aids at Low Cost have been around since 1965 and started of with distributing book transparencies in the health teaching area. They now run e-talc that create e media (cds) as well as sending out a lot paper based texts.

What does an e-TALC CD-ROM include?

from the the website

A variety of electronic resources are included on the e-TALC CD-ROM
including journals, books, newsletters and interactive educational
content. These resources are donated by a variety of NGOs, publishers
and individuals involved in health and development in developing
countries. The resources are sorted and chosen for inclusion on
future issues of e-TALC by our expert editorial board who make their
selection based on the relevance of the resource to health care
workers in resource-poor settings.

Some of the organisations who regularly contribute material to e-TALC include:

  • World Health Organisation
  • The British Medical Journal
  • The Lancet
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • World Anaesthesia
  • International Centre for Child Health
You can don ate to Talc at
Could do with linking up with the
project John Davitt told me of a year ago or so.

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