Sunday, November 30, 2008

Special interest Group lunch I've been selected. To discuss :Learning 2.0 – Helpful Term or Not ?

Hi all
Well as some of you know I am speaking at Online educa in Berlin this Friday as part of a session on Engaging Learners Using Technology timing 14.30 till 16.00. Its Gen73 in the programme and in the Lincke room.

Well after a email requesting title for a SIG lunch table mines been selected so if your  at education and fancy discussing the supposition below sign up and come along . It start 13,30 and end 14.30 nearly causing me to be in two places at once but not quite

Learning 2.0 – Helpful Term or Not ?

with the following description:
The phrase web 2.0 has been highly contested as a step on the journey but not an evolution of the web itself. Learning 2.0 I suggest is also a non descript term that doesnt help us build a paradigm for making use of advances in technologies to help promote learning.


Joe Wilson said...

it is useful term
most of developed world are looking at moving from transmisssion of knowledege models to active learning models - we just haven't figured out how to do it yet

and assessment 2.0 you can do now
let's get rid of the exam halls - we can do assessment on demand and it doesn't have to be an essay.

break a leg

all the best


andy black said...

sqa did a great piece of work assessment 2.0 I commend it to people !!