Saturday, February 24, 2007

Accessible rail timetable site is really a web 2.0 kind of site

From my esteemed colleagues Adrian Higginbottom .

Not only very clever but accessible to. This is really a web2.0 type of site high degree of personlisation etc. Brilliant quite Brilliant
allows you to access timetable information simply by building your own web address - no need to fill in web forms.

so for example to see a time table of trains from Coventry to york use the URL

if you want to travel after 10:30 then

if you aren't traveling until the 28th then
and if you aren't sure what date next wednesday is then

what better for mobile access, forms free access etc.
and it also show best available price too.

unfortunately you can't currently buy tickets via this site :-(

Thanks Adrian!!!

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