Tuesday, February 27, 2007

M-Learning event

Shame I am busy on 9th of March but if you get the chance hook up to this event at london Knowledge Lab.

Geoff is the UK's leading guru pushing m learning with vision flare and a facets that puts him above his peers of being a device agnostic. Its learning that matters not the device,

Geoff Stead from Tribal CTAD will be running a seminar on m-learning at
the London Knowledge Lab, describing some of CTAD's work producing
m-learning materials for adults with numeracy and literacy needs. The
seminar will give a brief overview of current m-learning activity for
this learner group, as well as looking at some of the trends and
patterns that seem to be emerging. There will be opportunities for some
hands-on experimentation, as well as a chance to engage with CTAD in
discussing possible future research and development collaboration.


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