Tuesday, February 13, 2007

E learning awards 2007

No involvement personally in this at all But this might be of interest. The £99.00 entry fee is also interesting.

The 3rd annual E-learning Awards will take place in November 2007 in London.

The primary objective of the E-learning Awards is to recognise real
excellence in the e-learning industry. This may be an e-learning
programme, project or strategy that is judged to be the best in that
category for that year.

The Awards are judged by the eLearning Network, the industry’s
foremost e-learning association. Receiving an Award means that an
organisation has made more than a positive contribution to clients’
fortunes. They will have created or produced something that will be
looked at years later as something that is a benchmark, to which others
in the industry can aspire to.

More importantly those that receive the awards will have excelled
and will have been recognised in doing so, by the e-learning industry


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