Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Handhelds in e-learning - still to early

This comment by Mark Nichols Waitakere, NZ
I i have to disagree from European perspective connectivity is getting cheaper the tools to create http://ebcnzer.blogspot.com/2007/02/handhelds-in-e-learning-still-too-early.html your own content for learners are getting easier,cheaper better . But nice review of futurelab report

I am becoming device agnostic .

one report to watch is shortly to be published

Mobile learning in practice, a soon to be released review of piloting mobile authoring tools in FE colleges, published by LSN. Authored by Carol Savill-Smith, Jill Attewell and Geoff Stead. Full publication will be available from LSN.

this link takes you to the site but publication isnt live yet.


ChrisRyall said...

I like your term "device agnostic" - and agree whole-heartedly!

Nichthus said...

Hi there Andy,

Thanks for your citation. So, you disagree based on cheaper price... how about the other arguments I suggested? What do you see as the value-add for mobile devices as they are popularly at present?

Best regards,