Sunday, February 04, 2007

BBC on Demand services consultation

This sounds less exciting than it is. If you listen to BBC podcasts are interested in how the BBC is going to evolve in the future to respond on demand TV audio etc please please respond and blog this request to your blogs to.

The BBC Trust is carrying out its first Public Value Test
(PVT) – a new procedure that must be applied when the Trust considers
applications from BBC management for the approval of new BBC services.

The first PVT concerns the BBC’s proposed on-demand services.

Here you can find out how to take part in the public consultation on the BBC Trust’s provisional conclusions.

The proposed new services

TheBBC's Executive has been developing proposals to offer BBC programmes and content 'on demand'. made an application last August for the following:
  • Seven-day TV catch-up over the internet
  • Seven-day TV catch-up over cable
  • Simulcast TV over the internet (streaming of live television networks)
  • Non-digital rights management (DRM) audio downloads over the internet (podcasting of selected radio programmes)
link to consultation is here

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