Thursday, February 15, 2007

Handful or is it an armful of Handheld learning research.

Gawd the worlds going Handheld crazy three lots of reports on use of handhelds and I hear from Merlin Johns excellent blog goldsmith The e-scape report from Goldsmiths TERU will be released shortly on the TERU section of the Goldsmiths website so that makes four :

More detail on Merlins excellent blog at

The previous post doubting handheld learning still being to early I think might be wrong .

From Futurelab

Learning with handheld technologies - NEW

By Fern Faux, Angela McFarlane, Nel Roche, Keri Facer

This handbook offers a guide and resource for those considering exploring handheld technologies for teaching and learning purposes. Four case reports show how different schools, LAs and individuals have attempted to tap the potential of handheld technology for learning, while a wider survey of handheld learning projects gives a sense of the range of work going on, along with contact information.

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From LSN

Mobile learning in practice: Piloting a mobile learning teachers' toolkit in further education colleges

UK college tutors taking part in the Mobile Learning Teachers' Toolkit project authored their own mobile learning materials (SMS quizzes, PDA learning games and mediaBoard activities) to cater for the specific needs of their students in their particular context. This publication reports on the impact of these mobile learning activities on teaching, learning and students' interest in learning and on how tutors integrated mobile learning into the curriculum. The challenges of setting up the project and some lessons learned are also discussed. Examples of the learning materials created and tips for using these tools with students are included to inform teachers who may be considering mobile learning for their students. sadly link to PDF isnt live yet but can be downloaded when the document is released.

From Teachers TV view the video online at

In this programme Year 10 pupils at Community School, near Plymouth, spend two days testing out specially adapted software on PDAs.

The cutting edge trial of interactive handheld computers is specially customised for the classroom to enhance pupil learning and assessment. These are multi-functioned with a typing and drawing facility, they take photos and can voice record comments and ideas.

The pupils can look at each others work, which is continuously beamed up onto the teacher's laptop ready to be assessed and commented upon.

The trials are part of a prototype design and technology GCSE exam being developed for the DfES and QCA by Professor Richard Kimbell of Goldsmith's College, London.

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