Friday, May 18, 2007

Analysis traffic on blogs

Regular readers will know I have been using clustrmaps to track number of visitors a day and where they are from. You can see clustrmaps graphic in my sidebar. I also want to tell readers that for the last week or so I have started using google analytics to track visits in a more detailed way.
Well after a false start a month ago ( poor insertion of code on my part) I got it working earlier this week and its great. Just yesterday the upgraded
so if your interested in checking traffic , type of devices etc check it out.


Net.Mentor said...

Hi Andy!
Your blog has inspired us to put up our own first blog. Having met you twice at conferences, it would be really great to chat about what's going on in this fast moving digital world. Please talk to us at:

andy black said...

Well hey thats really cool seen the new blog very nice and clean unlike mine go one tells us a bit more about your projects.

Matthew McMurray said...

I am having trouble.

I had google analytics and it was working but then I installed clustrmaps but now analytics is not working.

Any ideas?

Net.Mentor said...

We're doing lots of work with education: facilitating a special needs deputies' forum, communication wellbeing work with a school for the deaf, a texting project on teenage pregnancy, child protection training. Outside of education we're lecturing in Advanced Certificate for Institute of Public Relations, doing media training, the list goes on and on! Anything to do with communication in the 21st Century. We'd love you to contribute to our blog - having met you twice I know you've got lots to say on the subject!!!

andy black said...

check code is at the bottom of your blog

ClustrMaps Team said...

Hi - glad to see you are still using and 'showing off' your little ClustrMaps thumbnail map. We pride ourselves on our ease of use, compact display, 'gestalt impact', and scalability.

We'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of ClustrMaps vs Google Analytics - we know of many users who have switched BACK to us!

All the best

-CJ on behalf of ClustrMaps

jay paul said...

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