Sunday, May 06, 2007

MLearning papers and periodicals coming thick and fast

This time in the Special Issue of Educational Technology Magazine on Mobile Computing

Thanks to Mark van 't Hooft of RCET at Kent state University . Looking around to find someone who taking the journal abstract looks good though. The contents list is enough to wet your appetite,.

Educational Technology Magazine, vol. 47, no. 3
Special Issue on Highly Mobile Computing

Introduction to Special Issue
Mark van ‘t Hooft and Philip Vahey (link to article)

Educational Technology for the Mainstream: A call for Designing for Simplicity and Reliability
Cathleen Norris, Namsoo Shin, & Elliot Soloway

Highly Mobile Devices, Pedagogical Possibilities, and How Teaching Needs to Be Reconceptualized to Realize Them
Karen Swan, Annette Kratcoski, & Mark van ‘t Hooft (link to article)

Using Handhelds to Link Private Cognition and Public Interaction
Philip Vahey, Jeremy Roschelle, & Deborah Tatar

Teacher Uses of Highly Mobile Technologies: Probes and Podcasts
Robert Tinker, Paul Horwitz, Stephen Bannasch, Carolyn Staudt, & Tony Vincent
Classroom Connectivity: Increasing Participation and Understanding Inside the Classroom
Stephen Hegedus

What Happens to “Writing Across the Curriculum” with Handheld Devices?
Louise Yarnall, Sara Carriere, Tina Stanford, Carmen Manning, & Bob Melton

Can Handhelds Make a Difference? Lessons Learned from Large and Small Scale Implementations
Christine Tomasino, Kellie Doubek, &Meg Ormiston

Learning Bridges: A Role for Mobile Technologies in Education
Giasemi Vavoula, Mike Sharples, Peter Lonsdale, Paul Rudman, & Julia Meek

In and Beyond the Classroom: Making Informal Learning Truly Ubiquitous with Highly Mobile Devices
Yimei Lin

Handheld Computers in Education: An Industry Perspective
Mark van ’t Hooft and Philip Vahey (link to article)

Blurring Lines with Mobile Learning Games
Eric Klopfer

Creating a Powerful Learning Environment with Networked Mobile Learning Devices
Valerie M. Crawford

Education’s Intertwingled Future
Judy Breck

The industry perspective is worth a read

Notice Graham Brown Martin of handheld learning gets his views in as a industry luminarie good on Graham.

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