Tuesday, May 08, 2007

RIP Cassette tape a salient moment

The news today that Curry's are stopping selling blank audio tapes struck a chord with me . In recent presentations I have contrasted my life and what I have seen with my eldest son Linden a name derived for the lime Tree not Linden Labs in second life. In doing some research using wikipedia I discovered that the notable invention of the year of my birth (1962) was the compact cassette invented by Phillips who didnt take any royalties from it .



The parallel with the IPOD first sold in 2001 are marked how long the ipod as we know it last . The figure recently reached on 100 million iPODS sold

I also contrast he is now seven and I was seven in 1969 the year man landed on the moon .

but don't worry 88million tapes were sold in Turkey and 80 million in India . The Taliban also tried to ban them in Afghanistan

cassette tape at checkpoint

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