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Interoperability of ICT in Education event promoted by European Education Partnership

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Wednesday 13th June, 2007,10.00am-4.00pm.

Interoperability of ICT in Education -

- Will it serve the needs of National Initiatives?

Never before has there been such a strong need for ICT systems in education to inter-operate. A number of very significant national initiatives in the UK depend critically on interoperability. The conference will discuss whether development of interoperability is on track to make these initiatives a success or whether further action is needed. The initiatives potentially at risk include:

- Implementation of learning platforms.

- The Building Schools for the Future programme.

- Personalisation of learning.

- The 14-19 Diplomas.

To reserve a place at the meeting and for full details, please go to or email Sarah Ewing, E.E.P. Administrator,

The E.E.P. is assembling a range of speakers drawn from industry, education and national/regional agencies, to provide a view of the current state of play with regard to development of interoperability. This will be followed by open discussion to identify where action is satisfactory and where it needs to speed up or be started.

The topics to be covered are:

- Work on UK SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) and MIAP (Moving Information Across Partners) and how these will impact on interoperability of school/college MIS and VLE (learning platform) systems, and the MLE systems envisaged for BSF.

- Interoperability of content with school/college learning platforms and end-user devices, including issues relating to the use of handheld devices, interactive whiteboards, social networking sites and new devices that are being developed.

- Developments to enable single-sign-on to federated systems and diverse sources of content, such as Shibboleth, and inter-operation of the networks that will be required to enable the 14-19 Diplomas to be offered nationwide with equality of provision.

- Best practice standards for management of school/college networks to achieve a balance between child safety and network security, while permitting access to the range of content, software and social networking sites that educators need in order to be able to help young people learn effectively and develop safe online practices.

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