Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Legend in his own breakfast time. Ewan McIntosh "Talk Tuesday"

A very early morning to you. Yesterday quickly enroute to work went to a Talk Tuesday event organised by Redhouse Lane by Ewan Mcintosh of Learning and Teaching Scotland only for 1 hour but great all the same. Ewans influential education blog is in my side links. The link to his posting form the days event is here
Great stuff Ewan for lots of things refocussing my thinking in the following respects:

The main heavyweight ones are:

  1. Capability of young people making me rethink what young people are doing and what there capable of:
  2. How much the world and education has changed and is changing.
  3. How simplistic my blog is (embarrassed of the blogosphere)
  4. How slow conventional companies and adults are to appreciate the changes happening around them
The lighter weight but on reflection as important :
  1. Importance of social bookmarking I use bloglines for feeds but don't post and share the link although they are public. I don't use delicious and I should?
  2. I should sort out an online file store for useful documents my existing google docs is the obvious one.
Now I think I got very different things out of Ewans presentation than others at the event. The main thing were :

  1. meeting Ewan in person for the first time
  2. Reference having your own blog quoted by Ewan from in his presentation thanks Ewan !
  3. Astute observation in a seemingly throwaway remark on first meeting . "Andy you can spot a blogger by the way they saunter". Can you surely not ?? or maybe you ca.
Great stuff Ewan and final point for now you realise someone is on the edge or is it in the thick of the new world when talk of taking a photo of their impressive breakfast that morning !!


AJ Cann said...

Thanks for that Andy - I've added several interesting feeds to my bloglines subscriptions:

andy black said...

not all great to see sharing my feeds has increased some one elses feeds. So Ewan was right again.