Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poetry resources for mobile learners

A post especially for Jo Colley of Tribal CTAD who along with being a fellow Mlearning advocate is a keen poet. Jo and I presented at Mlearn2006 in Canada and after I returned home Jo on a trip in the rockie shot some stunning video footage with her mobile phone of a bear outside the car in the snow. This she tells me inspired her to write poetry about the incident.

This post on free poetry resources for handheld device. Three other things caught my attention:

  1. Mobipocket my eye was reference to mobipocket resources I have been using mobipocket to download and carry BBC news website content around in my PDA and read offline
  2. Multiple platform picking up on both Mike Sharples of Nottingham University's catch phrase of mobile learners not mobile learning and Geoff Stead of Tribal CTAD device agnosticism.
  3. Scavenger hunt involving what I call active learning
worth checking out

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