Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its not about the device

Harking back to a killer remark made by Geoff Stead of CTAD Tribal of being device agnostic I have been reflecting on this. While on a run from Battersea in London to St Pauls along the Thames late last night gave me time to think. Passing tourists taking photo's with Phones small large cameras, runners listening to Ipods and other MP3 and people talking texting on mobiles I thought why should education be any different.
The Lord of the rings type quest for "one device to rule them all" of some mobile learning protaganists I personally feel is misplaced. If you are looking a mobile its got to be on premise that Mike Sharples of Nottingham University puts forward idea of Mobile learners not Mobile Learning

So its a combination of devices that will emerge phones,tablets smart phones MP3/MP4 players and even content on conventional PC's and importantly portable storage devices.

Its strikes me connectivity and remote and local hosting of content and technologies such as good old SMS and RSS will all have a role to play devices are a issue but if you wait for the killer device we will keep waiting and waiting and waiting !!!


Anonymous said...

I agree Andy....just look at the kaleidescope site for confirmation of this...

jay paul said...

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