Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Emerging technologies in Education

Emerging technologies in Education

Great work by authors below

Mobile technologies:

transforming the future of learning
Geoff Stead

The ambient web
Bill Sharpe

The future of human-computer interaction

Paul Anderson

Social networks
Leon Cych
Introduction Web 2.0

The broadband home
Michael Philpott

PDF can be downloaded at

Ultra Mobile PC or is it A5 tablet

Kevin 2.00 Blog has loads of stuff on the origami projects .Lots of manufacturers ready to launch in there. Now is XP the correct operating system I leave you to choose

Lots of links Daewoo get in on the act


Kevin seems to think Toshiba are well placed having pioneered tablets along with HP


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Friday, March 03, 2006

The orgami project unfolds

The much hinted at and marketed by viral whispers the ultra Mobile PC the a5 sized tablet . It must be true the BBC are on to it worth a look.

link here

the whacky advert teasing us over launch is at this link
more wacky teasing here

Technews another winner in the genre

I know I have mentioned it before but worth a look.
3 g cards in laptop the microsoft oragami project and lots of other stuff

TechNews is a technology news and analysis service aimed at anyone in the education sector keen to stay informed about technology developments, trends and issues. TechNews focuses on emerging technologies and other technology news.

Each issue contains news related to the following main subject areas:

1. Networking and wireless
2. Hardware
3. Multimedia
4. Software and internet

Each subject area has a news section and a more detailed analysis piece which highlights the potential impact and likely future direction of a particular technology.

got to here to download it