Saturday, November 25, 2006

Government 2.0

After web 2.00, e-learning 2.0 comes government 2.0 are we and political circles ready for this I think not . this artciles sounds like establishment 2.00 rather than government 2.00
The Technology Chronicles : Government 2.0

what do you think ?

Dion Hichcliffes web 2.0 blog

Dion writes so well this piece building on the web 3.0 debate and great links and background reading: Take a look at eight end-user mashup platforms available today link

The plea for tools to do the integration we currently do by cutting and pasting people in web 2.0 space dont want to do the coding themselves the tools are theyre but maybe not fully integrated but the there coming .

Great piece here on a better way to do things on the fly at here
Innovation Creators: A Better Way to Do Things on the Fly

Things are really gathering speed

Ban on MP3 transmitters is lifted

Specially for my friend Rob who has an I trip well now they are legal nearly. Interesting things is the link between car and MP3 player could also be link between apple Iphone or other phone mp3 players another step on the rise of the phone MP£ player device !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

George Bush Sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

this actually was used at the recent web 2.00 conference earlier the month in where else but San Fransico sadly they havent shared the presentations .
Those that know me well know I am a bit of U2 fan this google video clip is quite clever . A way from e-learning but clever video editing !

Why CEOs should learn to love the blog

Interesting article in Guardian unlimited of a gap in blogging from carphone warehouses boss Charles Dunstone. Well the company have had some issues re its broadband service and he hasnt blogged at all for a couple of months.

Is this really bad form its portrayed as in the blogging world or has he just been busy ??


leave it up to you to make your mind up !!

Ilearning Paris forum 29th to 31st January

Ilearning Paris forum partnered with our friends from European Institute for eLearning – EifEL . this seems really interesting shame my French isn't good enough to participate in e portfolio strand though rest of conference is in English as well as French.

Main conference site

Contributions page

I am considering submitting a paper on mobility but will have to wait and see.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mars Exploration Rover Mission:1000th martian Day

Well I know its not e-learning but aren't these two little craft doing well

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Release Images: Spirit

November issue of Technews

If your interesting in emerging tech education and ICT and you dont subscribe to Becta TechNews WHY not !!!

registration link can be found in my side panel
latest editions has got stuff on

  • trusted networks
  • growth in GPS related service
  • wimax
  • 8011n
  • semantic web
  • quad core processors
so going register and get in the loop !!! Look in the archive to !!

Well done to colleagues at Becta another hit !!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Apple iphone

Well I got it wrong the Apple people are going to add not only key pad pda style to the Apple IPod but also phone connectivity .

If I was any other manufacturer I would be very nervous indeed!! The march of the smart phone and the IPOD combine. Not here yet but coming

no wonder the knowing smile !!

Firefox 2.00

Just got my update and seems really good updated look and feel better feed subscriptions phishing protection and even more improved tabbed browsing ( is that possible ;-)).

things I like :

  • spell check on web forms
  • close button on each new tab
  • opens web pages in new tabs rather than new windows by default
  • The feed subscription your chosen rss reader aggregator is great

  • session restore feature remebering last page your were looking at and where you were in say filling a form

basically well done all you mozilla developers its great !!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

web 2.00 summit

Interesting stuff from web 2.00 summit. If you have a summit does it mean web 2.0 is no longer subversive?.

Fred pointed me to flikkr site of Dion Hinchcliffes with some lovely graphics on web 2.00 I wish I did such nice graphics but a bit of googling and I found Dions Hinchcliffes excellent blog on web 2.00

duly added to my blog lines. One of excellent graphics from flikkr site loaded to wet your appetite

Top Ten Lies of Web 2.0

Thanks to Fred garnett for pouinting this out made me smile

Interesting blog added to my bloglines !!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Kevin Hickeys Blogs Wikki & stuff

Kevin Hickey RSC Northwest ILT Inspire conference has done a great load of resources of blogs,wikki & stuff

My bloglines

not social bookmarks in true sense  but I have shared my favourites with you

andy at the ILT inspire conference at South Trafford College

Currently at this event Kevin Hickey mentioned social bookmarks if you want to learn more look at the link from Educause from the states

7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking

PDF handout on social book marking
7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

100 million websites on the internet

From the BBC
"There are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet, which
gained 3.5 million sites last month to continue the dynamic growth seen
throughout 2006. In the November 2006 survey we received responses from 101,435,253 sites, up from 97.9 million sites last month."

But the question I pose how many do you and how many a redundant ???