Thursday, June 30, 2005

Location-aware tools

Some interesting stuff here

A team of students has won the UK finals of the Imagine Cup with OneReach, a software tool which enables users to access location-aware blogs and create maps. The design, aimed at travellers, is reported on BBC News Online

There are similar location-aware developments such as the Virtual Savannah project developed by NESTA Futurelab and partners and the CAERUS system developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

*- Virtual Savannah report


Google earth

Geographers strike again , Google have released another Beta freebie:

Google earth, the basic package is a freebie, and lets you fly around a 3D globe, with overhead satellite photos, tilted 45-degree photos, 3D rendered buildings...

the more mundane but useful google maps a quick way to find restraunts in strange towns and other useful things is well worth a look at

Friday, June 24, 2005

Yet another reason to try firefox

Another reason to use firefox livebook marks.

Any site with an atom or RSS feed for example many bloggs or websites including this one can be agregatted as a livebook mark that shows recent additions of the livebook marks everytime you log on .

So choose your site or Click on little red white Icon bottom right of screenscreen see icon on this blogg .

For more help google active bookmarks in firefox

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Morphing technology

The pace of technological change observers think has picked up a gear see this excellent use of VOIP peer to peer technology in the form of Skype and third party software to record an interview using skype then to podcast the recorded interview using an RSS feed .
From a great blog called auricle from University of Bath
read more

14 months ago we would all have said whats a podcast ?? now even auntie BBC is in there.
see podcast trial page

MoodleMoot_05 Second Annual UK Conference

Do you Moodle ??

Well go to the MoodleMoot


Following the first Moodle Conference last year attended by representives from more than a dozen countries, MoodleMoot_05 are holding the second Annual UK Conference for Moodle Users, Administrators and Developers. The Conference will be taking place in Oxford on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August 2005.

moodle moot website

Friday, June 17, 2005

Interesting article on RSS

Thanks to Rob Englebright at Becta for finding this interesting article on RSS. Techie geek but worth a read

The Importance of RSS
By Kevin Hale

This essay started out as an explanation for Google’s
foray into personal portal pages, but morphed into “a comprehensive breakdown of the state of
rss, taxonomies, advertising, and how it relates to the future of Google.” What follows is the result of several months of observation, notes and contemplation.

view whole article at

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

good use of technology or not ?

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Coventry University are recording their lectures and sending them to the students with 3G phones (also providing access to them over the internet).

Good use of technology or not?


Accessibility / elearning training materials

A huge thanks to Alistair McNaught at Techdis for this

Accessibility / elearning training materials

Now that we're entering the main staff training season it is worth
pointing out that a set of ready prepared training materials around the
theme of accessibility, inclusion and e-learning is available via the
TechDis website - see

The packs contain everything you need from themed icebreakers to
presentations, activities and information sheets where relevant. All bar
one are aimed at a non-technical audience working directly with learners.
Packs include:

* Accessible e-Learning
These training materials explore the theme of accessibility in relation to
simple 'home grown' e-Learning, illustrating how simple techniques can
greatly add to the learning experience of many students. The inherent
contradictions of 'universal accessibility' are explored along with
suggestions for providing equivalent learning experiences.
* Benevolent Bill - What Microsoft® does for Accessibility
This pack looks at the range of built in features in Windows and Word that
are either designed to enhance accessibility or can be used creatively to
make learning more accessible to certain groups.
* Checking Accessibility of e-Resources
This pack looks at the current international guidelines for accessibility.
It also investigates the available auditing tools, how they can be used
and how the results can be correctly interpreted.
* Dyslexia and the Use of Assistive Technology
This module gives a basic overview of the common Specific Learning
Difficulties and how Assistive Technology can be implemented to assist
* e-Assessment
These training materials consider the benefits of assessing online and
draw out the accessibility issues, problems and solutions associated with
* Introduction to Assistive Technology within a Learning Environment
These training materials provide a broad introduction to the breadth and
range of assistive technologies available and the issues to consider when
trying to match a learning need to a technological solution.
* An Introduction to Web Accessibility
These training materials provide an introduction to the issues facing
disabled people when accessing materials on the web. They also give an
overview of the disability legislation in relation to website development.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Geoff Stead of CTAD interviewed on Ferl

Another man living on the edge pushing the boundaries of mobile learning worth a really good look at his work . Does a good line in Kite surfing as well.A fascinating interview with Geoff Stead of Cambridge Training and Development part of the Tribal group. In the article he discusses the achievements of the m-learning project that has inspired and engaged young disaffected learners.

click here for link to article

Friday, June 10, 2005

Windows Mobile 2003, Second Edition Overview

The update for windows mobile appears to have some nice features.

  • Display support

The ipaq supports vga display and allows screen orientation to be changed to landscape and automatic scroll bars.
  • Automatic repagination for Pocket Internet Explorer

With Windows Mobile 2003, when you look at a website not formatted for the smaller display using Pocket Internet Explorer, you get horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Under Windows Mobile 2003, Second Edition, websites not formatted for handhelds will be forced into a single column

link to article

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Becta TechNews how to stay up to date with emerging issues in technology

Technology newsletter - TechNews

TechNews is a technology news and analysis service aimed at anyone in the education sector keen to stay informed about technology developments, trends and issues. TechNews focuses on emerging technologies and other technology news.

Each issue contains news related to the following main subject areas:

1. Networking and wireless
2. Hardware
3. Multimedia
4. Software and internet

Each subject area has a news section and a more detailed analysis piece which highlights the potential impact and likely future direction of a particular technology.

How to subscribe to TechNews

Monday, June 06, 2005

Look no wires in business

The BBC in business have done it again a great introduction on one of the possible futures of mobile .

worth a listen or even better download the MP3 of the 5th of June In Business programme.
Look, No Wires!
In Business looks at the way computing is suddenly discovering the wirelsss world.
The aim is Internet access absolutely everywhere without thinking about the connection, and thosands of businesses are battling for a piece of the action.
Its a great introduction expanding wirless connectiviy Bluetooth and Zigby and the really exciting role of Mesh internet access.