Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blogger add flickr Photbucket Picasa slideshow option

just in case you missed it see result in my slide bar I still prefer slidr for posting within the blog postings themselves but its still a nice extra bit of functionality/integration

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Near field Communication Pilot mentioned on Steve Wrights in the afternoon radio show.

O2 today announced the launch of the UK's first large scale pilot of NFC (Near Field Communications) technology on mobile phones. The trial of the O2 Wallet® paves the way for the mass market use of mobile phones to pay for purchases, access events or even be used as Oyster cards for travel around London, simply by touching the phone to a reader.

An interesting event but more interesting the powerhouse and almost ubiquitous spokesman for things Mobile. Mike Short of O2 and chair of the mobile data association was on Steve Wrights show on radio two talking about it !!
Terri Wogan it is widely recognised helped launch the email revolution is Steve Wright going to help push the mbile wave or should we say ride it. Well done Mike good piece !!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

vote for Sustrans Connect 2 in the peoples lottery £50 million pound give away

Regular readers know I am a mega keen cyclist well this has come to my attention . Even if you don't vote for this vote to say how £50 million yes £50 million will go in a one payment only to a charity.

In case you didn't know, Sustrans has the opportunity to win £50m of lottery money to support 79 local projects around the UK. It's a public vote, so the more of us that vote the better! See below for more information from Richard Sanders of Sustrans.

I'm writing to ask you to help sustainable transport charity Sustrans win £50 million from the Big Lottery Fund to invest in 79 communities UK-wide.

In this winner-takes-all contest Sustrans' Connect2 project is up against 3 other organisations - the Eden Project: The Edge, Black Country Urban Park, and Sherwood: The Living Legend, with the winner to be decided by public vote over the coming weeks.

We’re supporting Sustrans' Connect2 because it will transform local travel in towns, cities and villages throughout the UK. By building new bridges and crossings over busy roads, railways and rivers, and linking these into networks of paths, Connect2 will make it much easier for people to get where they want to go under their own steam. So whether children are going to school, people to work and the shops, or friends and family to visit each other, they'll be able to walk or cycle for many more journeys.

As many as 6 million people live within a mile of a proposed Connect2 scheme, and 1 million children go to school within a mile of a scheme. It is calculated that over 60 million active, low carbon journeys will be made each year on the Connect2 routes, potentially saving 79,000 tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of emissions from 79,000 people's annual car use.

If you'd like to know more about Connect2 before making up your mind take a look at

To make Connect2 happen we now really need your support and just a few moments of your time could make all the difference. We need your vote and the votes of as many people as you know.

There are three opportunities to vote - online, from a landline and by mobile.

Online voting began at 9am on Monday 26th November at with phone voting starting at 9am on Friday 7th December. All voting concludes at 12 noon on Monday 10th December.

If you want to be sent a reminder to vote please register at or text 'Connect2' to 80010.

If you do vote for Sustrans' Connect2 (and I really hope you do!), many thanks and please do forward to your own contacts and urge them to vote too

Thursday, November 22, 2007

TalkingVTE a great resource

Great stiff from the other side of the world .

Thanks to Mick Mullane all power to his podcasting for this link .
Talking VTE is a podcast of educational conversations and audio
recordings made at conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the
Australian Vocational and Technical Education (VET) sector.

Mick has add his great efforts from Mlearn where regular readers will know he presented you can see the blog posting and related podcast at

there are a wealth of resources around Mlean2007 on the site use this link to find them

good one you Mick!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Facebook fifty

As a late arrival to Facebook party I have just realised I have hit the magic fifty of Facebook friends . As a billy no mates of the face to face world I have using facebook quite a lot .
What have I gained :-

  • better network
  • more regular contact with friends
  • Insight into my friends activities both in the area of their work but also in wider their activity
  • Interesting invites to invite via invitation function within Facebook (got to give Steve Moore of policy unplugged a huge heads up for his work in this area)
  • exposure to interesting applications

What it caused is blurring between personal ilfe online and working life online.

you might be intersted on this article on how to use facebook proffessionally.

By the way who was my fiftieth facebook friend amazinlgy the prolific blogger Ewan McIntosh

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google Android developer challenge

Want to win a share of $10million US dollars Google have launched a competition

Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you, will be a huge part of the Android vision. To support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards -- no strings attached -- for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.

picked this up at Future mobile event today including a cool live demo of Android and developing mobile apps in 8 minutes .

WC3 mobileOK Basic ready for implementation

W3C have launched this today its going to be huge. On the W3C site

W3C MobileOK To Help Make Web Sites Mobile Friendly

2007-11-13: Today, W3C provides new means for people to create and find mobile friendly content. W3C invites Web authors to run the alpha release of the W3C mobileOK checker and make their content work on a broad range of mobile devices. The checker runs the tests defined in the W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 Candidate Recommendation. Read the press release and testimonials, and come see W3C at Mobile Internet World in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
teams blog at

Future Mobile a whole new community

Hi all regular readers

this is blogging live so wont be pretty !!

At Future Mobile event having my mind expanded by a new community . Hard core developers and those looking to enter the mobile space. Interesting the guys from Wildkey are here and Richard Gunson of Learning Everywhere and Josie Fraser but I know hardly any one else of 400 plus delgates.

The morning was around themes of designing and making sites work on mobile device and role of context awareness and how to make payments work etc.

The afteroon really kicked off Daniel Applequist of Vodafone watch this space for more.

In 5 years time the majority of web useage be from mobile devices quote from Daniel Applequist from Vodafone

Two reflections on Mobile Learning from different parts of the world

Two articles looking back at how far mobile learning has progressed since the first MLearn conference in Birmingham in 2002 to Mlearn2007 in Melbourne .

The first by Bob Harrison from the United Kingdom well known and well published Mlearning evangelists his article reflecting on Handheld Learning 2007 held in London and linking to Mlearn2007 in Melbourne the article widely published in this case can be read on futurelab blog flux link here

The second article by Caryl Oliver from Australia who was chair of Mlearn2007 the article can be found at the is link

Knowing both of them interesting to note they have a real passion for Vocational Education and interest in emerging pedagogy around Mobile Learners.

Interestingly in my interpretation both pieces talk of the growth of mobile learning and how its focus is changing but both highlight either outright or in the tone the role of pedagogy. The role that technology with the right pedagogy can enhance the learning experience.

Also don't forget Mlearn2008 Titled the Bridge from text to Context

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Future of Mobile event 14th November

Only discovered this by chance earlier in the week attending this tomorrow

Future of Mobile event
Not come across the event or this group before looking forward to sussing out and reporting back.

Monday, November 12, 2007

EYE Fi wireless sd card for Digital cameras

Now is this as good as it sounds a SD card that you fit in your camera that not stores photo's but publishes them to the web via wifi to flickr facebook etc . Is this just me getting excited or is this another slot in the ubiquitous computing emerging story !! Check it out a

no special camera etc etc.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Google to talk openhandset alliance at Future of Mobile event in London

Google has changed its talk from Gmail for Mobile to cover the recent
Open Handset Alliance announcement (made on November 5th). for detail .
This presentation at Future of Mobile is the first European event
at which to give a public presentation on the topic.
For future of mobile programme go to this link

Google are going further into that mobile arena just as the iconic Iphone launches in the UK .

Interesting times ahead !!

Watch the video explainig android the open platform for development

This is the Gphone or so the say !

Friday, November 09, 2007

Google Docs as a revision aid

I really like the collaboration that the web allows and it now seems from Googles own blog that teachers are one of the quickest groups to adopt these tools. Well I tell a lie I think personally learners use them even quicker.

This article suggests the idea of peer review hints at my favourite the rapid prototyping of ideas any way its worth a read .

Interesting that again I am using word 2007 to blog with !! So I am still a person with a foot in both camps long may it continue.



Thursday, November 08, 2007

Google are hiring London a hot bed of mobile development

As regular readers know I was lucky enough to chat with Peter Norvig at the ALTC 2007 conference dinner back in September. Over a wide ranging conversation Peter dropped in that most of Google mobile development work is taking place in London. I couldn't hep noticing the advert that came up in my Gmail web clips feed. So any one know guess what the Google mobile offer is likely to be.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Doing the Double !!

Some of my regular readers will know that I am a bit of a cyclist well I love my bike!!!! So excuse non technology post

For the last few years I have done the infamous Dunwich Dynamo see info here a mere 193 kilometres from London to Dunwich through the night in 2006 a similar event was formed the Exmouth Exodus link here it's a little shorter than the Dynamo but its much hillier. Guess what next year I plan to do both !!

So the key facts
Exmouth Exodus 2008 14th 15th June

Dunwich Dynamo 2008 19th 20th July

E&E 100 miles
D&D 120 miles

The FAQs of E&E make interesting reading

Yes and no. It's inspired by the DD, and there are plenty of obvious similarities, like the riding through the night to the seaside part. But it's different too. For a start, it's smaller - a lot smaller. We had 60 riders for 2007, as opposed to the Dynamo's 700. It's hillier - a lot hillier - too, so it's a bit harder, even though it's a little shorter.

The route profile shows the hills

So guess what I intend to do both!! With a six week gap between them no worries!!
The quote best describes the feelings

Words from the 24 hours of Moab dirt bike race in the USA describe whats its like ....

"Somewhere during the night you will hear a voice say, "Why am I doing this? I am never doing this again!" Look forward to this voice. Welcome it. Laugh at it. Embrace it. Look forward to hearing it again next year. Just know that it will come and that you will ride past it and be stronger when it fades into the shadows."

-- Chris Tirpak, 4x Sufferer of Canaan and Moab

I've heard those voices and learnt to laugh oh so loud at them for the joy of being alive!!

By the way Exmouth Exodus is looking for some small scale cash help any sponsdors out there maybe a mobile company some great stuff and publicty to be done with geotagged images from thosde mobile phones etc

A bright future for mobiles in schools Yes

Australian Jonathan W. Nalder has got down to writing his own paper on mobile learning on his blog in fact Jonathan your going to make into my side bar of interesting blogs !!!. Now I am not as always expressing opinion but it does add to the debate.

He explains his reason for writing the paper

" Rather than just reporting on what others have been saying about this new frontier in mLearning - that being kids using their own mobile phones for learning - I've written my own paper dealing with policy responses from schools and Education departments. Mostly these have only touched on safety issues - but I also include in the paper plenty of examples of their positive use in education. I even talk about why they should be used and make recommendations that hopefully future policy makers can use to get the balance right. Enjoy!"

The abstract is below

Policy before practice: Reactions, Revisions & Recommendations for the educational use of mobile phones.

Although ICT integration is growing across all sectors of Education, the one device

that most symbolises the current stage of the Digital Revolution, the mobile phone,

has not been welcomed into classrooms. Many policies have been written to deal

with the negative social and disruptive consequences of the use of digital mobile

devices in Education; however less effort has been made to balance such policies

against the educational needs of students dealing with the ongoing impact of the

Digital Revolution. This paper aims to examine the reactions of current policy to the

presence of mobile phones in education and then detail emerging examples of their

use to enhance learning. The paper concludes with a summary of recommendations

drawn from these examples that may form the basis for more learner-centered

policy to be developed in the future.

Read the blog posting linked to this and look at the paper in draft

Thanks to Jonathan for an interesting piece of work.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Britons sending a billion text’s a week !!


Well as I always thought this texting lark isn't that popular .

Britons are now sending 1.2 billion text messages every week, the latest figures reveal.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anyone for Mobile Monday ???

Mobile Mondays heard about this group at Handheld Learning talking of the Finnish chapter. These are groups of people concerned around area of mobile developments in Business education etc and seem to have some pretty heavy weight developer members even I need a translator ;--)))) Global site and the UK group I have discovered Mobile Monday London (are there more ?) . So if your mobile Monday type go on join up . Thanks to Mike Short for pointing me in there direction !

Friday, November 02, 2007

Google and Myspace get open Social

MySpace joins other sites including Bebo, LinkedIn and Orkut in signing up to OpenSocial. Google platform for developing applications that will work on any website !!

BBC NEWS | Business | MySpace in Google software deal

One to watch me thinks !!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blog Off presentation at Futurelab Conference

Future Lab presentation reflections on my session

A mixed post here . First I am blogging directly from Microsoft Word2007 which allows you to publish straight to your blog !!

Over the two days of the thought provoking Future Lab conference "Why don't you !!!" delivered a 90 minutes workshop twice title "Blog Off , these web 2.0 tools will never make it into the learner experience " I thought they went ok and the participants were great and really had a lot to offer me and each other . The second session was filmed by two separate cameras one for future labs use and one streamed live by Leon Cynch

I used a variety of approaches including Google presenter with remote viewers adding in comments via chat Google presenter supports. Presentation can be seen at

I started using my video clip epic2015 a interesting view of the future of the internet ??

It mentions the wane of the fourth estate and by sheer chance Seb Schmollers fortnightly mailing picked up on this work of Bill Dutton (thanks Seb BTW link to Seb's mailing sign up is in my sidebar)

Seb says

A political scientist's perspective on the Internet. Bill Dutton argues that just as printing led to the creation of an independent (?) institution that has become known as the 'Fourth Estate', the Internet, and the network of networks it supports, is leading to the 'Fifth Estate', which could be more important to the 21st century than the Fourth Estate has been since the 18th.

Reflections interesting session making me think I am a bit web 1.5 rather than web 2.0 and not convinced web2.00 is really a helpful meaningful handle describing for current developments