Monday, November 29, 2010

Feeling the chill school closure plotted globally by Ushahidi

Those lovely Ushahidi type have used there technology to plot school closure   

If you havent heard me rant of about Ushahidi watch the video and more importantly visit the website

Watch the Video.

visualisation filtering are the next big thing linked with contextualisation and geolocation but what what would I know.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dom Joly "Me and my mobile" Programme radio 4

Great programme talk anbout the relationship with people and the development of the mobile phone. Nice  piece
I hope non uk readers can listen to it via the link.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

21st century conference with 20th century Wifi

I am thinking of starting a directory or maybe twitter campaign of venues for conference that say they have wifi but its not up to scratch . Its so disappointing and distracting when a venue say it has wifi and then you turn up and
  • its not free
  • it wont let you all sign in ( wifi for 1 or 2 delegates not all) 
  • its f lackey either slow or throws you off with no explanation
Anyone fancy joining campaign for decent WiFI at conferences !  

facebook for free

Facebook going for world domination if they havent already . While attending a great event "Mobile technology and Social Change, A view from the Global South": Arranged and hosted by Cambridge NetSquared Meetup Group ,Net2Camb co-hosted by the  Humanitarian Centre
I discovered never heard of it that because if your in europe you cant access it . But in Africa nad elsewhere its free on mobile devices ie you don't pay for data/connection costs . Interesting and not sure how I feel about it. I cant fathom if its paid for by networks ( I think so) or facebook .

Bet youve heard of it but it was news to me question is it differrent to mobile facebook site

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mobile for development or ICT4D

I attended Mobile technology and Social Change: in Cambridge last night A view from the Global South   Ken Banks  of Frontline SMS   was the main speaker Ken has his own blog at  in my opinion one of those global good guys but a real pragmatist. He shared many thoughts but the one that struck a chord is if you going to build something for use in developing countries ( tech or non tech I think these principles apply  . Ken Absolutely brilliant insight ! I think a modified version also could be applied for education technology applications but thats my own personal opinion.

  • must be obvious to plug together
  • if you have to buy stuff it has to be available locally
  • Pegging the price or free
  • go forth and multiply
  • the connection community choose technology that works maybe not the internet
  • connect your communities with no filters
  • multidisciplinary approach
  • thinking appropriately choose what works
  • collaboration not comtetion between NGO's
  • engage entertain connect
  • dont lose sight of the bigger picture 
Met loads of very interesting people all trying to make a difference of which I will blog more later. 

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Txt messaging will never catch on !

    I had great pleasure presenting at #letstalkabouttxt7 in Leeds on Tuesday thought I would share presentation . Now its not just about education its the whole SMS phenomena . 160 characters can carry a lot especially with emerging use of short urls to smart phones

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010 get serious with QR codes and bundles

    Now this is seriously brilliant . Url shortening service have recently launched a QR service

    Its now gone a launched bundles a way to store a load of urls in one place and provide on short url to access them

    The education uses are obvious sharing links to sessions course etc and for presenters sharing links related to a presentation just got a whole lots easier yippee!!

    Thursday, November 04, 2010

    Normal Service will not be resumed long live the Sunday service

    Well the Graham Brown Martin a character described by tech commentator Bob Harrison as "a bit of a Marmite character tasty but only if thinly spread" has done it again.
    Digital agitator ,digital irritant creative spark what ever you call him has shook things up again with Ap(p)tly named Sunday service (let us play).

    With Jason Bradbury's Dot.Robot Show for a start it is hardly likely to be lame . Chuck in a dash Experiences, Futures & Apps
    A chance to get hands-on with some of the latest tech and meet with creators and manufacturers such as Nintendo, Apple, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Xbox, Made In Me, Texas Instruments and Promethean plus the   Learners Y Factor Final with Jason Bradbury
    With young people showing how there using tech above and below the education radar .

    Bloody H*ll the list goes one There's an App for That!, Edu punk and a teachmeet .

    The phrase never on A Sunday has well and trully been smashed .
    Plus its free registration and details
    Having worked with Graham at the first festival day really pleased to see it brought to another level.

    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Sophos anti virus for MAC home edition free

    Now I know MACS dont suffer with viruses ( NOT true) but if your sensible this might be owrth dont loading. Apple fans dont leave yourselves wide open to attack . Nice hhome version is free to well done Sophos !