Thursday, November 04, 2010

Normal Service will not be resumed long live the Sunday service

Well the Graham Brown Martin a character described by tech commentator Bob Harrison as "a bit of a Marmite character tasty but only if thinly spread" has done it again.
Digital agitator ,digital irritant creative spark what ever you call him has shook things up again with Ap(p)tly named Sunday service (let us play).

With Jason Bradbury's Dot.Robot Show for a start it is hardly likely to be lame . Chuck in a dash Experiences, Futures & Apps
A chance to get hands-on with some of the latest tech and meet with creators and manufacturers such as Nintendo, Apple, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Xbox, Made In Me, Texas Instruments and Promethean plus the   Learners Y Factor Final with Jason Bradbury
With young people showing how there using tech above and below the education radar .

Bloody H*ll the list goes one There's an App for That!, Edu punk and a teachmeet .

The phrase never on A Sunday has well and trully been smashed .
Plus its free registration and details
Having worked with Graham at the first festival day really pleased to see it brought to another level.

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