Thursday, November 25, 2010

21st century conference with 20th century Wifi

I am thinking of starting a directory or maybe twitter campaign of venues for conference that say they have wifi but its not up to scratch . Its so disappointing and distracting when a venue say it has wifi and then you turn up and
  • its not free
  • it wont let you all sign in ( wifi for 1 or 2 delegates not all) 
  • its f lackey either slow or throws you off with no explanation
Anyone fancy joining campaign for decent WiFI at conferences !  


David Sugden said...

I once turned up for a NIACE e-Guides gig Andy (some time ago now) where the venue had said "we have WiFi". In fact what they meant was "we have WiFi in our office, but you can't use it!". Grrr

I agree with your senitment entirely. If you (venues) wish to attract modern conferences, meetings and workshops you MUST provide stable, robust and reliable WiFi.


Tarannau20 said...

Andy, I couldn't agree more. It is not just conferences it is schools as well where they lock down their wireless so you can't get to the net!