Friday, June 29, 2007

ChangeDetection(tm) - Monitor any web page for changes even those without RSS

Thanks to Seb Schmoller a e-learning legend of a commentator for pointing out this simple service for getting updates on web pages without RSS feeds.ChangeDetection(tm) - Monitor any web page for changes

Also going to add Seb influential and widely read fortnightly mailing in my links sidebar thanks Seb .


Skype pre loaded onto certain Toshiba laptops in the US interesting development is skype going head to head with existing telecoms .SKYPE TO MAKE INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS ON TOSHIBA NOTEBOOKS EVEN EASIER - About Skype

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gartner: Businesses should be wary of iPhone | Tech News on ZDNet

Now this is Gartner spoiling the iphone party . No comment of course but worth a read.

The plastic ducks are coming !!!!

Plastic duck armada is heading for Britain after 15-year global voyage - Times Online

Many of my regular blog readers will know my interest in the environment and GIS . this story I have heard of before its one way to track ocean currents by accident. 30,000 plastic ducks were released in the pacific 15 years ago when we had a Tory Government (that long ago). The story is about a guy who has been tracking them a serious scientific study with a humorous edge !!! Plastic duck armada is heading for Britain after 15-year global voyage - Times Online: "Plastic duck armada is heading for Britain after 15-year global voyage"

Pageflakes - igoogle

Pageflakes - Get it Together Pages flakes forgot to blog about this and was reminded by Margaret Wallace its like personalised google home page or Igoogle sort of ! These service allowing viewing of your favourites,web gadgets etc is a real aid to mobile busy people and to be honest useful to learners. This is only the start of the personalised web

Googles toolbar ability to embed your igoogle favourites in the browser bar is getting a lot of use me in my preferred browser firefox and i gather it works with IE to

Strap in its going to be a web 2.0 roller coaster ride

Official Google Blog: More organizing tools

More signs of google getting serious some really useful additions to google docs folders interesting. google office ??????? Official Google Blog: More organizing tools

Google Mobile suite picassa is added to the list

Now I already use the gmail application on my phone and its great for reading mail on a nokia 6234 . Its OK for sending short replies . But they've done it again and added picassa googles digital image manipulator and storage offer to their range of phone apps going to give it a go. It also looks like a linkage between Picasa and google maps has been made proto geotagging possibly !! Google Mobile

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Web 2.0 Backpack: Web Apps for Students

Web 2.0 Backpack: Web Apps for Students

This is a really cool review of web apps that might be useful to students several I didnt know about worth a look.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Does blogging help your creatvity or articulation of your thoughts.

Thanks to paul Shoesmith a colleague of mine at Becta for invoking this thought. I used ananlogy of exocets refering to 25 anniversary of the Falklands war in a staff meeting this morning . Paul afterwards why is it you bloggers think of such good analogy's is he right does blogging improve your articulation of thoughts I think he is.

I have always thought of myself as non writing person and my spelling grammar is dreadful but blogging has made me think more !!

what do you think.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Major opportunity for mobile going mainstream

Watch this website if your interested in mobile learning

the real detail is at

If your in the Learning & Skills sector and interested in mobile learning I suggested you have a look.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kinyo DS-350 speakers play music off your USB stick - Engadget

I think this is a real step forward simple but USB sticks are almost ubiquitous any hotel should set these up any other manufacturer doing anything similar.

From engadget.
Kinyo DS-350 speakers play music off your USB stick - Engadget: "Kinyo DS-350 speakers play music off your USB stick"

Friday, June 08, 2007

BrainAcademy: The Search for Creative Compute-Ability Talent Continues

Note a reality TV show something much more useful have a look.

BrainAcademy is back for 2007. The computer science competition offering university bursaries and career boost prizes continues its search to find the cream of computing talent; this year’s theme is Computer Science, Creativity and Going Green.

A Computer Science education gives a strong foundation in innovation and enterprise. With its basis in computational thinking skills, the subject provides the training needed to be creative in the 21st century as well as providing a playing field that is open to new ideas: in the virtual world, anything goes. Finding new ways to use technology that reduce our use of resources and finding ways to turn existing technologies green are both vital areas with a need for innovative Computer Scientists. Computer Science has deep links to many different subjects; from the social sciences to engineering, from maths to the performing arts. Mix them with Computer Science and whole new subjects emerge: from Bioinformatics to Digital Performance all ripe for creative people with the right skills to exploit.

BrainAcademy organizer, Dr Paul Curzon of Queen Mary’s Department of Computer Science explains why this year’s BrainAcademy is aiming to innovate:
“The Computer Science industries urgently need lots of new talent. The jobs are there. So are the opportunities for innovation. The need for a green revolution also presents lots of new challenges. What is needed are people with the creative skills to take up those challenges. BrainAcademy is a fun way both to encourage the most talented students and give them a head start not only with the life-changing opportunity of a university education, but also to push them to the front of the queue for great career options.”

"An important part of the function of science is to face the challenges for society", said David Evans, of the British Computer Society. “As well as highlighting the need for talent in computing, this competition highlights the need for professional and social responsibility in the way computer science is applied."

Last year the prizes went unclaimed: no one was up to the challenge, surviving all three rounds. The search therefore goes on. Do you have the dedication to go all the way? Young or old, male or female: the prizes could be yours for the taking…if you have what it takes.

• BrainAcademy: postgraduate is open to overseas postgraduate students, with cash prizes to help the winners study for one of Queen Mary’s innovative MScs, and a chance to kick-start a career with sponsors ARM by offering winners an interview with the industry-leading company.

BrainAcademy: undergraduate is looking for UK talent to win prizes including a tuition fees paid place at university and a fast track to a career with sponsors Microsoft. As well as summer work experience opportunities such as with there are also other prizes on offer such as free membership of the BCS and book tokens.

• BrainAcademy: the next generation, sponsored by ARM® and Soda Creative is looking for future talents in UK schools. Prizes on offer include iPod Nanos donated by ARM, book tokens donated by Intel and the chance to spend an afternoon in Queen Mary’s state-of-the-art Augmented Human Interaction Research Laboratory.

William Hohl, University Relations Manager, ARM said: "Most people don't realise how ubiquitous embedded microprocessors have become - in their cars, cell phones, portable media players, televisions, cameras – they are everywhere! With this pervasive technology comes a demand for new computer science graduates, and ARM enthusiastically supports programmes like BrainAcademy to encourage the next generation of great minds in this growing field."

Andrew Sithers, Academic Manager, Microsoft Ltd added: "Microsoft is delighted to be again working with Queen Mary, University of London and supporting its annual computer science bursary competition. Encouraging and enabling young technology enthusiasts and students to realise their full potential with technology is a common goal that both Microsoft and Queen Mary share."

The BrainAcademy 2007 opens on 8th June 2007 and closes on 14 September 2007. The challenging competition involves an online research quiz to qualify for the Computer Science creativity challenge, followed by a tough interview for the finalists competing for the University places. BrainAcademy is open to people of all ages whether school students, university students, or those in the workplace wanting to advance their career. Winners will be announced in December 2007.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tokyo, Living Lab of Possible Futures

This brief article is interesting morphing of design changing culture that technology is allowing or is it forcing on us you decide its your future. Never been to Japan but sure sounds interesting . Tokyo, Living Lab of Possible Futures

Architect Steven Holls Combines Geeky Aesthetic, Environmental Elements

Architect Steven Holls Combines Geeky Aesthetic, Environmental Elements: "Architect Steven Holls Combines Geeky Aesthetic, Environmental Elements"

This is really interesting design rather than just functional building really interesting. Can we have a few schools colleges like this please.

London WiFi hotspot idea from a blog reader for further functionality . Plus excellent link for open source GPS software

Thanks to Adrian Higginbotham for this comment
The london free hotspots thing is good - now it just needs GPS refrences so we can use handheld GPS such as the opensource LoadStone GPS to navigate to the nearest free hotspot. Thanks for the load stone link looks well worth a look.

Free WiFi in London mapped

This is something I have been looking for a while for when I transit or stay in London . Its WiFi that's free to use and doesn't involve so called stealing connectivity from unsecured networks.

This is the one for free Wifi .

its got a related blog so one to watch.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do you want to green your school

Interesting article from Guardian about how money from the DTI for greening schools isn't being claimed . read Article at,,2089804,00.html

the DTI website reveals its not only schools who can apply

Back from Banff and my brothers famous !!

Well heh what a great week in Banff and Buchan. High point scenery the friendly people and the company. It also has coastal runs to die for. Even at before 7.00am

My brother the much cleverer version of me who is

Arnold Black

Network Director

The Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network

c/o C-Tech Innovation Ltd

Capenhurst Technology Park

Has been sharing his thoughts on personal responsibility way to go brother read his thoughts at


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