Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nominations for Edublogawards get them in now !!!

Go on nominate someone for the edublogawards

Special interest Group lunch I've been selected. To discuss :Learning 2.0 – Helpful Term or Not ?

Hi all
Well as some of you know I am speaking at Online educa in Berlin this Friday as part of a session on Engaging Learners Using Technology timing 14.30 till 16.00. Its Gen73 in the programme and in the Lincke room.

Well after a email requesting title for a SIG lunch table mines been selected so if your  at education and fancy discussing the supposition below sign up and come along . It start 13,30 and end 14.30 nearly causing me to be in two places at once but not quite

Learning 2.0 – Helpful Term or Not ?

with the following description:
The phrase web 2.0 has been highly contested as a step on the journey but not an evolution of the web itself. Learning 2.0 I suggest is also a non descript term that doesnt help us build a paradigm for making use of advances in technologies to help promote learning.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BCS event free on Geospatial images,GIS and Navigation Applications

I cant go in Berlin but this event on November the 3rd in London looks great.

its free but you've got to register

Unsung FE hero gets National Recognition

Another one of those humble giants is getting some recognition Geoff Rebbeck Thanet College !!!!!

The Becta QIA STAR Award For Innovation was awarded to Geoff Rebbeck.
The category was judged by Kevin Donovan on behalf of Becta and presented by Jane Williams, at last nights ceremony.

Congratulations Geoff Richly deserved and those who made the short list well done

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Future Lab report on Promoting transformative innovation in schools

great report on "Promoting transformative innovation in schools" by Future Lab. No comment but urge you to read

Saturday, November 15, 2008

youtube video via edublogs tv

Huge thanks to Steve beard for this link. This for many situations is a way of using youtube as a teaching resource in places youtube is blocked. Steve and I are gigging together later in the year.

Thanks Steve you teachmmet and Shropshire Giant !!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Working on iPod

Well is blog writer lite the ipod touch blogging tool I have sought.

Display link 7" inch usb monitors

Nanovision DisplaLink monitors

Thanks to Adrian for this (good one) these devices that plug into a device via usb (potentially mini usb) for both display in and power. It brings the idea of small device (mobile) that one can easily plug into a larger screen much closer . Seems a really good development

stick a key board on it and we are getting near the one device model for many users. How long before the bring out a cable connection for the Iphone ?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JISC Legal web 2.0 toolkit

For those using web 2.0 tools and approach in the institutions this may be useful worth a read  JISC Legal Service has published some useful information in the form of a toolkit.

The following are included:

Web 2.0 and the Law for FE Policy Makers
Web 2.0 and the Law for HE Policy Makers
Web 2.0 and the Law for Information Services
Web 2.0 and the Law for IT Support Staff
Web 2.0 and the Law for Learning Resource Staff
Web 2.0 and the Law FAQs
Web 2.0 Policy Checklist

Monday, November 10, 2008

TALC anyone

Teaching aids at low cost had a fund raising slot on radio 4 this morning . Teaching Aids at Low Cost have been around since 1965 and started of with distributing book transparencies in the health teaching area. They now run e-talc that create e media (cds) as well as sending out a lot paper based texts.

What does an e-TALC CD-ROM include?

from the the website

A variety of electronic resources are included on the e-TALC CD-ROM
including journals, books, newsletters and interactive educational
content. These resources are donated by a variety of NGOs, publishers
and individuals involved in health and development in developing
countries. The resources are sorted and chosen for inclusion on
future issues of e-TALC by our expert editorial board who make their
selection based on the relevance of the resource to health care
workers in resource-poor settings.

Some of the organisations who regularly contribute material to e-TALC include:

  • World Health Organisation
  • The British Medical Journal
  • The Lancet
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • World Anaesthesia
  • International Centre for Child Health
You can don ate to Talc at
Could do with linking up with the
project John Davitt told me of a year ago or so.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rememberance Sunday

Well those great people at radiowaves are doing some more  interesting stuff around remembrance Sunday worth following. as is the bbc rememberance website link here

Personally I had an interesting day today a local service at 9.30 then off to Duxford Imperial war museum
for another service and a great visit .One young 9 year old was very taken by the day in reflective way including a long conversation with an actor playing the role of a first world war padre.  The IWM at Duxford is free on remeberance Sunday and as one of the homes for part of USA  8th air force in WWII and now home to American Air Museum click on photo for link View of American Air Museum

really thought provoking day out images below is called the counting the cost wall this shot shows part of it. Each Icon represent a lost air and it goes on for a 100 metres

even more shocking was  this the first photo shows one of wall panels the second shot shows names of lost crew in details and the third plaque explains it all. A day of relection.


Education2020 UNCONFERENCE 2020 Vision: What should education look like in the year 2020?

Well youve got loads of warning 12th June of amazing Islay arranged by mad Ian Stewart (thats a complement Ian ;-)))and others . Going to be great yes we will stream it somehow (Ian Doesnt know yet) .

Just get yourself there OK !!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Becta launches its new Next Generation Learning website

Now I seldom do my corporate bit but just for once see below.

Becta launches its new Next Generation Learning website

Becta has unveiled the new Next Generation Learning campaign website, as part of its drive to parents, learners and employers to get the most out of technology in education.

The website is a key resource to find out more about the innovative and exciting ways that technology is already being used by some schools and organisations to improve engagement, motivation and results. Exemplar schools include John Cabot Academy in Bristol, where students are using their PSPs (PlayStation Portables) in PE lessons to see how their long jump techniques compare to the professionals, and where sixth formers teach software designers some tricks of the trade.

New on the Next Generation Learning website is a postcode search facility for parents to find out which schools in their area are using technology effectively. These are the schools that are already using technology to a high standard and have received the prestigious ICT Mark.  Research indicates that ICT Mark accredited schools are four times more likely to be rated as outstanding in the overall effectiveness category of Ofsted inspection reports. Pupils at ICT Mark schools are also more likely to achieve better results.

The campaign demonstrates how greater engagement with parents or carers can increase a learner's potential link here , how effective use of technology can improve schools link here  and colleges, and how to ensure children are safe online link here .

To find out more about how to implement Next Generation Learning click on the links above, or have a look at the campaign website .

Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of Becta said,

"We know that technology significantly improves results, yet despite this, only one in five of schools and colleges are making the most of its potential. Our children, and all other learners, deserve a truly outstanding education and in the modern world this means we need all schools and learning providers to become effective and innovative users of technology.

"We don't want anyone to miss out so we are encouraging everyone to go on to the website and see just some of the differences that technology can make."

The Next Generation Learning website is a key part of the national campaign that aims to encourage schools, colleges and learning providers to consider how they can use technology to support teaching.

how do you find your news !

Well my morning started with Ipod touch cruise to twitter, then the bbc online then google news.

Might be retro and watch telly and buy a paper latter. Twitter it strikes me is like the old fashioned newswire but in a my humble opinion its like a wildfire phenomena described by Yrjo Engestrom at his recent prsentation at mlearn008 but with more pervasive and mychorrhizae like properties . His book from knots to teams is interesting .

twitter bbc news us election twitter ultimate news feed

Well where else would you get up to date breaking news . Is twitter
the modern equivalent of ticker Tape news the BBC on twitter ;-).

Monday, November 03, 2008

Unsung hero of mobile learning gets recognition from his peers

One of the podcasting and sms guru of the FE (tertiary or Community College sector for non UK readers) recieve recognition form his peers at recent Mlearn conference.

Mick Mullane the man that made go and get a Mac and then a Ipod touch but also rages about about projects not workng with learners own devices has finally got some reward.

Mick is a great presenter that mixes technolgy with a healthy dose of pragmatism to showcase his work at his college combining SMS and pod and vodcasting . He is one of the rare few to mix classroom teaching and learning examples of mobile learning but importantly the use of the technology in day to day running of a college as a business.

Well done Mick well deserved.