Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Virtuous square "quadblogging"

As a blogger with chequered history back to 2005 really interested how blogging in the educational context has taken off yet again and a project without doubt the biggest impact currently is The Quaddblogging concept developed by David Mitchell if you dont know what it is watch the video and visit the site at and if you like it sign up to be involved.


If you need an explanation watch this great video  produced by pupils in Mrs. Yollis’ class in Los Angeles, Mr. Salsich’s Class in Connecticut, Class B4 in New Zealand and Class 2KM and 2KJ Leopold School, Australia: all vetran quadbloggers


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

One small step for a profession a giant step for .................................

Has the world changed and are learners different as usual you decide but this report from the US has kicked off the debate and got me on the blog again. The report "Take a Giant  step ; a blueprint for teaching the digital age has got me on the blog again . That @bobharrisonset has via his Stanford links brought this to mine and  twitters attention . No comment from me but worth a read and maybe a reflection on your experience and practice . Thanks as always Bob for sharing and challenging the status quo