Wednesday, April 20, 2011

List of museums on twitter

worth a look.
interested in museums ?

List of 1500 musseums on twitter this might be of interest.
worth a look.
interested in museums ?

Friday, April 15, 2011

slow death of SMS or excessive profits from Data by Vodafone in Europe. Data revenue exceeds that from SMS.

At the launch of the HTC Sensation vodafone let slip that, for the first time, mobile internet revenue for the carrier has exceeded SMS revenues. The news marks a significant milestone in the European mobile segment, which has historically seen particularly strong SMS revenues.

Now is that the phenomenally popular SMS is on the decline or is the growth of data traffic through either smart phones or 3g enabled laptops and laptop dongles . Or dare I suggest ( you decide) that data is still unusually expensive.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plymouth e-learning conference 2011 has the virtual and the real finally become blurred !

Just reflecting on the inspring Plymouth e-learning conference . I was a active participant 3 planned session on looking at gadgets and Gizmo's and extra added one to fill a gap on day three .
the additional session was a chance to show the work @Geoffstead and I delivered last week at mobile conference in Bremen Mobile learning isn’t one flavour or one approach it’s a whole grocery store. It was a bit on the fly but participants seemed to get value from it.

Mobile learning isn’t one flavour or one approach it’s a whole grocery store
I also did a lovely panel with Shelley Terrell, John Davitt and Peter Yeoman . great event high points John Davitts and Stephen Heppell's keynote but also great work by the like of @simfin (aka Simon Finch).But what really struck the back channel was at times the front channel and vice a versa and this is the first event when I have seen this occur. Exceptional conference and exceptional networking be definitely back next year with the failure confessional slot care to join me