Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The mobile web .mobi domains

The numbers of people surfing or even paddling from there mobiles is low.

Launch of the dotmobi domains that subscribe to good efficient design for mobile use may start pushing the numbers up. Read the story at


Learning & Teaching Scotland MFL Environment blogging

This is thanks to Becta research list and specifically thanks to Ewan McIntosh
New Technologies Research Practitioner. He posted about removing the next blog on blogger . Now removed from this blog and exposed me to some really nice resources on blogging and teaching.


Thanks Ewan.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Microsoft may offer web programs

I know in many of my presentations i have talked of google office and also the link between sun microsystems  ( who are behind  openoffice) as open source offline suite of basic tools.

Its seems Microsoft have been listening and is planning a free web based version of its word processing and spreadsheet programme

interesting is this paragraph from the BBC site

No date has been set for when the free programs will show up on the net but the software giant told the Reuters news agency that it was "considering" new distribution and payment models for its software.

flexible roll up screen step closer

Only blogging this becuase a conversation I had after my workshop with a learning technologist working with midwifery students who asked me about roll up screens one to watch


Web 2.0: open call for input to forthcoming TechWatch report

Help inform JISC's thinking on Web 2.00

Web 2.0: open call for input to forthcoming TechWatch report

As became apparent from the
recent ALT-C 2006 conference, Web 2.0 is hot. Everyone wants to know
more about it, and there are a lot of people who have very different,
and strongly held, opinions on what Web 2.0 is and where it's going.

We will be accepting submissions until 29/09/06. send expression of interest  techwatch@intelligentcontent.co.uk
with 'open call' followed by the name of the topic, in the subject line.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Projector in mobile device

Not quite but this story suggests its not far off .


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mlearn 2006 here I come !!

Well I am lucky enough to be going Mlearn in Banff in Alberta

in the heart of the Canadian Rockies the
conference is the 22nd till 25th October I am lucky
enough to be flying out on the 18th . The downside is there is one I
am running a gadgetgumption presentation online on the 19th as part
of http://www.online-conference.net/vle2006/introduction.htm
. I have worked out being online interacting with UK
participants involves me being up at 3am for those logging on a 9.00am UK time

Mlearn is going to be really exciting as I am presenting a proof
of concept for showing British Sign language glossaries on a mobile device .

Link to event can be found at


Link to programme (a bit empty at the moment) can be found


Its going to be really cool and I promise to blog about it and I may evenuse my flickr account for photos of the conference, devices and off course the scenery.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Learning Spaces Educause e book edited By Diana Oblinger and other learning space design references

Huge thanks for finding out about this from ALTC 2006 http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2006/

review programme at http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2006/timetable.html

plus from Seb Schmoller highly
noteworthy fortnightly mailing detail at

This extensive work first available as an e-book one to read and use http://www.educause.edu/content.asp?page_id=10569&bhcp=1

Thiese other pieces of work might be off interest :-

The report from the UK based Space Management Group which looks at estates
issues in HE http://www.smg.ac.uk/

two extremely useful reports on future changes in HE http://www.smg.ac.uk/documents/FutureChangesInHE.pdf

and on promoting space efficiency in HE http://www.smg.ac.uk/documents/PromotingSpaceEfficiency.pdf

Finally JISC's recently published Designing space for
effective learning spaces well worth a read http://www.jisc.ac.uk/eli_learningspaces.html

Those involved with building schools for the future Reports/toolshttp://www.bsf.gov.uk

in the UK could well take note of these
pieces of work

Podcasting in Ireland

Found this lovely eclectic mix of academic and fun blog of the Becta research list (which by the way you can join at http://lists.becta.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/research ) iThe podcasting Ireland blog is by Bernard Goldbach and really is worth a look !! You can find it at http://www.podcasting.ie/
good one Bernard

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to podcast tutorial

how good is this simple tutorials on podcasting


Thanks Jason Vanorden

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ALT Gadgets and Gizmo' Session

Hi all

get my presentation from my edubloggers training blog at http://andyb.edublogs.org
blogger doesnt allow file downloads I want.

By the way audience was great !!!!

Google News archive

From Merv Stapleton at Sunderland College.

Google have released a news archive search which includes articles over the last 200 years from a variety of sources including the Guardian, New York Times and various aggregators.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well only been here a while and Diane oblinger already coming up with challenging ideas,

  • Neuralplasticity
  • Multimodal communication
  • Do It Yourself culture (informal learning do it yourself)
  • Choice
    +MP3 players,

Amateurs as authorities
wikkipdedia ,blogging

  • Alternate reallity average of gamers in the state is 38 years old
  • Is it age or IT
    how many of you write long hand, take calls and not look at email at the sametime

Suggest the digital age is increasing the rate of change almost exponetional. Young people say its not technology its just the way it is.

Suggests the interface is shaping learning

  • world to desk top
    -distant experts
    -communities of practice


George Seamens connectivity link
Connecting in virtual worlds , collaborating by design
Hallways V Passageways these are important spaces for exchange collaboration

Active collaboration

Scale up program

Studio approach to learning
all work in progress is visible and shared.

Learning to be
National ecological observatory


shift between formal and informal environments role of space in promoting learning .

Debate of library or information commons
movable furniture
wireless access

e book learning space Diane Oblinger link

refreshing point of align technology with pedagogy don't mistake use for integration .

"The goal is organization that is making future rather than defending the past"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Guide to Greener Electronics

Thinking of buying kit for home or college this is worth a read covers most manaufacturers


Thanks Fred for making me aware of this one !!