Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well only been here a while and Diane oblinger already coming up with challenging ideas,

  • Neuralplasticity
  • Multimodal communication
  • Do It Yourself culture (informal learning do it yourself)
  • Choice
    +MP3 players,

Amateurs as authorities
wikkipdedia ,blogging

  • Alternate reallity average of gamers in the state is 38 years old
  • Is it age or IT
    how many of you write long hand, take calls and not look at email at the sametime

Suggest the digital age is increasing the rate of change almost exponetional. Young people say its not technology its just the way it is.

Suggests the interface is shaping learning

  • world to desk top
    -distant experts
    -communities of practice


George Seamens connectivity link
Connecting in virtual worlds , collaborating by design
Hallways V Passageways these are important spaces for exchange collaboration

Active collaboration

Scale up program

Studio approach to learning
all work in progress is visible and shared.

Learning to be
National ecological observatory


shift between formal and informal environments role of space in promoting learning .

Debate of library or information commons
movable furniture
wireless access

e book learning space Diane Oblinger link

refreshing point of align technology with pedagogy don't mistake use for integration .

"The goal is organization that is making future rather than defending the past"

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