Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mlearn 2006 here I come !!

Well I am lucky enough to be going Mlearn in Banff in Alberta

in the heart of the Canadian Rockies the
conference is the 22nd till 25th October I am lucky
enough to be flying out on the 18th . The downside is there is one I
am running a gadgetgumption presentation online on the 19th as part
of http://www.online-conference.net/vle2006/introduction.htm
. I have worked out being online interacting with UK
participants involves me being up at 3am for those logging on a 9.00am UK time

Mlearn is going to be really exciting as I am presenting a proof
of concept for showing British Sign language glossaries on a mobile device .

Link to event can be found at


Link to programme (a bit empty at the moment) can be found


Its going to be really cool and I promise to blog about it and I may evenuse my flickr account for photos of the conference, devices and off course the scenery.

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