Thursday, July 20, 2017

 Yesterday my youngest while on work experience for a conservation organisation working in the urban area of ipswich had his securely locked up bike nicked  . Secure in a locked garage padlocked with a quality lock to a work bench . The thieve broke down the door and sawed through substantial wooden bench to nick the bike .
Well whoever nicked it well done its an expensive bike you will get a £10 down the pub or on the street for .

Hope your proud nicking a bike a lad saved his cash for added Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres New Selle seat etc via our lovely friends at Elmys bike shop  to make a touring/sportiv machine. Picture above of said bike on a recent epic C2C.
Well Ive got news for you take a long look at yourself and realise that lad has more spirit than youve ever had .
He will save for a new bike carry on helping other and just doing good . He has learnt the lesson that took me his dad 30 years plus to learn   this little gem from a place mat at the cafe at Lower Horton on the C2C sums it up.

Theyve also inspired me to start blogging again on.
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