Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New BBC staff blog guidelines

 The BBC have wriiten guidelines for staff personal blogs interestingly written as a Wikki

New BBC staff blog guidelines

editorial policy team at the BBC have just issued, for the first time,
guidelines for employees who have blogs or personal websites.

Guidlines in a word format here

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

e-Citizen and Mousemailer game

Interesting site promoted by BCS

About e-Citizen

e-Citizen is a fun and simple way for people to use to learn how to use the internet and email.

Image of a computer keyboard under water with fish in the foreground
It features simulated
websites so that people can familiarize themselves with how a website
operates, whilst also learning how to use the internet safely and

It starts with how to switch on a computer and use a mouse and then
moves onto to write and send emails, how to open files, how to shop
online and how to find information online to name just a few elements.

It is taught in centres (colleges, schools, etc) all across the
country and people can buy books or computer based training and spend
time at home learning.

It is all done at an easy-pace, so people can learn as quickly or slowly as they wish.

Many people find it great fun to meet other people that are also new
to computers and are learning how to use the internet - it's always
reassuring to find there are lots of other people out there who are
just now starting to learn internet skills.

The mousemailer games a bit of fun to .

Monday, May 22, 2006

Invitation for 'silver surfers'

Older people across the UK are being given the chance
to try out the internet to show how technology can be beneficial to
their lifestyle.

More than 1,500 IT taster sessions have been set up as
part of Age Concern's Silver Surfer Week, organised in conjunction with
BT and Microsoft.

The official link is

the BBC are carrying this great story at

b.TWEEN 06 Interactive Media Forum

Sadly I cant be there but b.Tween is running a really exciting blog so go on have a look links below

b.TWEEN 06 Interactive Media Forum will be webcast live at on Thursday and Friday this week (25-26 May)

If you can't make the forum, tune in via the web to hear presentations from Lord David Puttnam, John Sanborn (Creative Director of eBay), Robbie Stamp (Executive Producer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and many more...
Find the full programme at

The forum blog is live and will be projected into the main arena We welcome your comments before, during or after.

A chat room will be live from Wednesday pm at (click b.CHAT) and will be projected during the presentations. Feel free to join the discussions and ask questions.

Come and play with the b.TWEEN commissions:

b.TWEEN 2 Cultures is a new project by Soda Creative and Chinese artist Yang Lei. Upload your own tagged images to become part of the work. Go to to find out more and get involved

Watch b.TWEEN's networks grow through b.TWEEN 2 Cities: Timelines by up and coming digital art collective Something. Go to and click galler

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wireless boost for British cities

Good news but no mention if it is wi max or 8011g

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jisc TechWatch report explains RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies allow the
transmission of a unique serial number wirelessly, using radio waves.
Attaching an RFID tag to a physical object allows the object to be
'seen' and monitored by existing computer networks and back-office
administration systems.

They are invloved in equipment security staff/pupil name badges and can be employed in a variety of ways a technology to watch. The range of possibilities are huge

Link to report site click here

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Big Blog Company very web 2.0

This was sent to me by Mick James at Becta a really interesting idea. I believe it shows how the ease and pace of web 2.0 is challenging how we do things. Blogging in a crisis interesting
Link here

Sunday, May 14, 2006

East Meets West Bob's Blog

Bob Harrison fellow e-learning and m-learning evangelist has entered the blogosphere.

He is undertaking a study tour with headteachers and representatives from the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) and Toshiba to China on the 14-21 May 2006 . I have worked with him to develop a blog he can use to keep those of us interested in the tour upto date and posse question to those on the tour
the main blog page can be found at
Interesting one to watch .

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mobile Computing on egov TV

Find out more about the mobile computing revolution that is changing working practices and service delivery within local authorities across the UK.

Programme synopsis:
This LocalGovTV programme looks at the opportunities and benefits mobile computing can bring to the public sector, and in particular local authorities.

Through a combination of expert panel discussions and interviews, this programme considers the business case for mobile computing and the key issues to consider for successful implementation, with advice on the different technological options available.

Practical case studies demonstrate the good practice and lessons learnt from local authorities already benefiting from mobile working.

Programme content:

Panel Discussion: Mobile Computing - The Business Case Mobile computing is now expected to drive the next revolution in public sector modernisation, bringing efficiency gains, improvements in customer service and releasing more resources for front line services. This LocalGovTV programme takes a strategic view of the opportunities mobile computing presents and the key issues to consider when introducing these new ways of working.

Taking part in the discussion:
Ian Laughton, Director, NOMAD
David Loyd-Hearn, Solutions Architect, Serco Dr Bob Crichton, Associate, Solace Enterprises John Feighan, Managing Director, Intel® Solution Services, EMEA Peter Clarke, Principal Analyst Government Team, Ovum
Chair: John Thornton, e-ssential Resources

Case study: Greenwich Council - Digital Pen and Paper Greenwich Council are transforming the delivery of front-line Social Care services using a new innovative Digital Pen and Paper (DPP) solution in partnership with Serco, Nokia and Ubiquitious Systems Limited as part of the ODPM-funded National Mobile Working Project NOMAD.
The digital pens and paper are enabling social care staff to spend more time on the front-line, and are also an integral part of the Council’s user-held documents pilot which is helping to join-up social services and health.

Panel Discussion: Mobile Computing - Successful Implementation Within the public sector, we're seeing a massive increase in mobile-enabled services and correspondingly an increase in the range of mobile technology options available. This LocalGovTV panel discussion aims to provide clarity on the range of different technological tools available and guidance on selecting the right tools to fit your service area and business needs, hopefully helping to ensure that organisations are investing in a long-term solution rather than a possible technology cul-de-sac.

Taking part in the discussion:
Ian Laughton, Director, NOMAD
Peter Ryder, E-Innovations Manager, Preston City Council Nigel Dutton, Head of Tactical Marketing, O2 John Grice, Executive Head of Customer Services, London Borough of Sutton Peter Gray, Assistant Head of Building & Maintenance, Peterborough City Council
Chair: John Thornton, e-ssential Resources

Interview: Serco - Working with the Public Sector
Peter Holden, Business Development Director at Serco Solutions discusses how they are working in partnership with the public sector to deliver services ranging from construction and facilities management to education, children’s services and ICT.

Find out more at:

These and similar programmes are available to view at

Do please contact us with any ideas you have for future programmes.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Now this is an interesting development from Skype broadcast to up to a hundred users in real time . Another use for voip over IP and Peer to Peer technology.

Web 2 report from Educause review .

Really interesting and of note the PDF version as in the paper based review is now out of date so look at the web version