Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mobile Computing on egov TV

Find out more about the mobile computing revolution that is changing working practices and service delivery within local authorities across the UK.

Programme synopsis:
This LocalGovTV programme looks at the opportunities and benefits mobile computing can bring to the public sector, and in particular local authorities.

Through a combination of expert panel discussions and interviews, this programme considers the business case for mobile computing and the key issues to consider for successful implementation, with advice on the different technological options available.

Practical case studies demonstrate the good practice and lessons learnt from local authorities already benefiting from mobile working.

Programme content:

Panel Discussion: Mobile Computing - The Business Case Mobile computing is now expected to drive the next revolution in public sector modernisation, bringing efficiency gains, improvements in customer service and releasing more resources for front line services. This LocalGovTV programme takes a strategic view of the opportunities mobile computing presents and the key issues to consider when introducing these new ways of working.

Taking part in the discussion:
Ian Laughton, Director, NOMAD
David Loyd-Hearn, Solutions Architect, Serco Dr Bob Crichton, Associate, Solace Enterprises John Feighan, Managing Director, Intel® Solution Services, EMEA Peter Clarke, Principal Analyst Government Team, Ovum
Chair: John Thornton, e-ssential Resources

Case study: Greenwich Council - Digital Pen and Paper Greenwich Council are transforming the delivery of front-line Social Care services using a new innovative Digital Pen and Paper (DPP) solution in partnership with Serco, Nokia and Ubiquitious Systems Limited as part of the ODPM-funded National Mobile Working Project NOMAD.
The digital pens and paper are enabling social care staff to spend more time on the front-line, and are also an integral part of the Council’s user-held documents pilot which is helping to join-up social services and health.

Panel Discussion: Mobile Computing - Successful Implementation Within the public sector, we're seeing a massive increase in mobile-enabled services and correspondingly an increase in the range of mobile technology options available. This LocalGovTV panel discussion aims to provide clarity on the range of different technological tools available and guidance on selecting the right tools to fit your service area and business needs, hopefully helping to ensure that organisations are investing in a long-term solution rather than a possible technology cul-de-sac.

Taking part in the discussion:
Ian Laughton, Director, NOMAD
Peter Ryder, E-Innovations Manager, Preston City Council Nigel Dutton, Head of Tactical Marketing, O2 John Grice, Executive Head of Customer Services, London Borough of Sutton Peter Gray, Assistant Head of Building & Maintenance, Peterborough City Council
Chair: John Thornton, e-ssential Resources

Interview: Serco - Working with the Public Sector
Peter Holden, Business Development Director at Serco Solutions discusses how they are working in partnership with the public sector to deliver services ranging from construction and facilities management to education, children’s services and ICT.

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