Tuesday, May 23, 2006

e-Citizen and Mousemailer game

Interesting site promoted by BCS

About e-Citizen

e-Citizen is a fun and simple way for people to use to learn how to use the internet and email.

Image of a computer keyboard under water with fish in the foreground
It features simulated
websites so that people can familiarize themselves with how a website
operates, whilst also learning how to use the internet safely and

It starts with how to switch on a computer and use a mouse and then
moves onto to write and send emails, how to open files, how to shop
online and how to find information online to name just a few elements.

It is taught in centres (colleges, schools, etc) all across the
country and people can buy books or computer based training and spend
time at home learning.

It is all done at an easy-pace, so people can learn as quickly or slowly as they wish.

Many people find it great fun to meet other people that are also new
to computers and are learning how to use the internet - it's always
reassuring to find there are lots of other people out there who are
just now starting to learn internet skills.

The mousemailer games a bit of fun to .


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