Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mobile for development or ICT4D

I attended Mobile technology and Social Change: in Cambridge last night A view from the Global South   Ken Banks  of Frontline SMS   was the main speaker Ken has his own blog at  in my opinion one of those global good guys but a real pragmatist. He shared many thoughts but the one that struck a chord is if you going to build something for use in developing countries ( tech or non tech I think these principles apply  . Ken Absolutely brilliant insight ! I think a modified version also could be applied for education technology applications but thats my own personal opinion.

  • must be obvious to plug together
  • if you have to buy stuff it has to be available locally
  • Pegging the price or free
  • go forth and multiply
  • the connection community choose technology that works maybe not the internet
  • connect your communities with no filters
  • multidisciplinary approach
  • thinking appropriately choose what works
  • collaboration not comtetion between NGO's
  • engage entertain connect
  • dont lose sight of the bigger picture 
Met loads of very interesting people all trying to make a difference of which I will blog more later. 

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