Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blog Off presentation at Futurelab Conference

Future Lab presentation reflections on my session

A mixed post here . First I am blogging directly from Microsoft Word2007 which allows you to publish straight to your blog !!

Over the two days of the thought provoking Future Lab conference "Why don't you !!!" delivered a 90 minutes workshop twice title "Blog Off , these web 2.0 tools will never make it into the learner experience " I thought they went ok and the participants were great and really had a lot to offer me and each other . The second session was filmed by two separate cameras one for future labs use and one streamed live by Leon Cynch

I used a variety of approaches including Google presenter with remote viewers adding in comments via chat Google presenter supports. Presentation can be seen at

I started using my video clip epic2015 a interesting view of the future of the internet ??

It mentions the wane of the fourth estate and by sheer chance Seb Schmollers fortnightly mailing picked up on this work of Bill Dutton (thanks Seb BTW link to Seb's mailing sign up is in my sidebar)

Seb says

A political scientist's perspective on the Internet. Bill Dutton argues that just as printing led to the creation of an independent (?) institution that has become known as the 'Fourth Estate', the Internet, and the network of networks it supports, is leading to the 'Fifth Estate', which could be more important to the 21st century than the Fourth Estate has been since the 18th.

Reflections interesting session making me think I am a bit web 1.5 rather than web 2.0 and not convinced web2.00 is really a helpful meaningful handle describing for current developments


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the 1.5. Personally I think the 2.0 label is highly faddish, and the way it is applied to everything and its dog "Learning 2.0"; "Human Resources 2.0"; etc etc shows the problem up. And from an average user's point of you what difference does the name you give it matter in any case. For them it is just "Web".


andy black said...

Thanks for the comment Seb agreed is version numbers just a fad and the web will remain. !!