Monday, June 06, 2005

Look no wires in business

The BBC in business have done it again a great introduction on one of the possible futures of mobile .

worth a listen or even better download the MP3 of the 5th of June In Business programme.
Look, No Wires!
In Business looks at the way computing is suddenly discovering the wirelsss world.
The aim is Internet access absolutely everywhere without thinking about the connection, and thosands of businesses are battling for a piece of the action.
Its a great introduction expanding wirless connectiviy Bluetooth and Zigby and the really exciting role of Mesh internet access.


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strangebiros said...

I did a biit of investigating into podcasting, and aggregators. I downloaded a really useful utility called you “you subscribe”, .It adds buttons to explorer and Firefox, so if you see an RSS feed you like, you simply have to click to add it to your aggregator. The aggregator then dumps the feeds into Outlook, or at least it would if I weren’t running through a VPN to my exchange server… Ah well. The theory is great, the practice is frustrating. Still I have my own personal Google… which has feeds from my gmail showing what’s in the inbox, and news from Slashdot and wired, so I’m part the way there.