Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Accessibility / elearning training materials

A huge thanks to Alistair McNaught at Techdis for this

Accessibility / elearning training materials

Now that we're entering the main staff training season it is worth
pointing out that a set of ready prepared training materials around the
theme of accessibility, inclusion and e-learning is available via the
TechDis website - see


The packs contain everything you need from themed icebreakers to
presentations, activities and information sheets where relevant. All bar
one are aimed at a non-technical audience working directly with learners.
Packs include:

* Accessible e-Learning
These training materials explore the theme of accessibility in relation to
simple 'home grown' e-Learning, illustrating how simple techniques can
greatly add to the learning experience of many students. The inherent
contradictions of 'universal accessibility' are explored along with
suggestions for providing equivalent learning experiences.
* Benevolent Bill - What Microsoft® does for Accessibility
This pack looks at the range of built in features in Windows and Word that
are either designed to enhance accessibility or can be used creatively to
make learning more accessible to certain groups.
* Checking Accessibility of e-Resources
This pack looks at the current international guidelines for accessibility.
It also investigates the available auditing tools, how they can be used
and how the results can be correctly interpreted.
* Dyslexia and the Use of Assistive Technology
This module gives a basic overview of the common Specific Learning
Difficulties and how Assistive Technology can be implemented to assist
* e-Assessment
These training materials consider the benefits of assessing online and
draw out the accessibility issues, problems and solutions associated with
* Introduction to Assistive Technology within a Learning Environment
These training materials provide a broad introduction to the breadth and
range of assistive technologies available and the issues to consider when
trying to match a learning need to a technological solution.
* An Introduction to Web Accessibility
These training materials provide an introduction to the issues facing
disabled people when accessing materials on the web. They also give an
overview of the disability legislation in relation to website development.

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