Monday, October 03, 2005

Geographical refencing of RSS feeds

I know this American but an interesting georeferencing of RSS feeds.
Wondering if there are any blogs/RSS feeds in your neighborhood? You can find out with gFeedMap, which puts FeedMap'd blogs onto Google Maps. It's at and is affiliated with neither Google nor FeedMap.
FeedMap, at  , lets you geocode your 'blog and generate a little badge-sized map that indicates where you are. gFeedMap takes that geocode information and allows you to browse for location by searching city and state. Searching New York, NY generated a map with dozens of tags. Mousing over them gives information about that blog -- unfortunately sometimes the tags get in the way. Clicking on the tag takes you right to the 'blog.
If you're already on FeedMap you can get your own map. Just choose BlogMap from the menu on the left.


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