Monday, October 30, 2006

ICT terms British Sign Language Glossary

 Site live 31st october mid day ish !!!

As some of
you know I put forward while seconded to DfES last year the idea of a glossary
of ICT terms in British Sign Language The site has involved the British
Computer Society Allowing there book of terms to be used as a basis for the
text and huge project involving consensus modeling of asking those tutors
working with learners how to sign complex and new terms. The company involved
with the work with the deaf community are our friends from Directlearn Judith
mole and Geoff Minshull (who have helped Becta run previous online conferences
and independently ran the VLE2 virtual conference last week.  The site goes live tomorrow Halloween Mid
morning an auspicious day because it’s also my wife’s fortieth Birthday. Url
for the site is


circulate widely as it is a useful resource for those who want text based
definitions of ICT terms. A lovely example of appropriate use of technology!!


I will circulate
more formal press release type stuff later.




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