Friday, January 26, 2007

New Toy Gyro transporter

Just got a Gyration transporter a nifty presentation tool from the makers of my favourite presentation tool the GyroMouse and Keyboard .

Its a really small mini mouse but with 1 Gb memory built into the receiver that plugs into your PC that can transport your presentations around.

Will blog how it goes !!

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andy black said...

Well I have tried it and I really like it. Maybe not for classroom use a bit smaller but for travelling its great . The single AAA battery in mouse means you don't have to lug yet another charger.
Only one comment the gyro tools software. This is an add on not required for straight mouse functionality but once installed and set on start up the setting cant be changed !!! I had to uninstall it and then choose to use it when I wanted it.

But basically good bit of kit!!